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Katharine Dall Steps Up for Liberty

SPOTLIGHT July 5, 1999

Good news is always welcome and especially so during this time of need for Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT

Katharine Dall, widow of Col. Curtis B. Dall, who served as chairman of Liberty Lobby from 1960 until 1980, but continued to serve as chairman emeritus until his passing on June 28, 1991, has come forward.

She could no longer watch the vicious smears and brazen attacks against the Institution which her husband so valiantly served and so dearly loved and helped to build.

Since Col. Dall’s death, she has resided in South Carolina in order to be close to her children and grandchildren.

A dedicated reader of The SPOTLIGHT, Mrs. Dall is well aware of the problems we face. She knows that in order to stave off an audacious takeover of Liberty Lobby by the very conspirators who forced Liberty Lobby into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, we must take action now.

What has tickled our funny bone in this struggle is a ludicrous letter sent out under the signature of Kirk D. Lyons. This letter, apparently mailed to many well-intentioned patriots, purports to support Liberty Lobby, while its true aim is to destroy our populist Institution and The SPOTLIGHT (For more on this, see page one.)

Sponsoring Lyons in this bizarre endeavor to save Liberty Lobby are Greg Raven, a member of the Church of Scientology; Mark Weber, a man of uncertain convictions; and Andrew Allen, a shadowy San Francisco millionaire with a clear record of involvement in CIA — and Mossad-linked intelligence operations. Incidentally, we aren’t worried about the likes of these parasites. What gives us concern is the well known Liberty Lobby Exception to the law by which judges are always trying to put us down.

The parasites must now face up to some of the most outstanding and best-known patriots in the country-you know their names well-who are rapidly joining Mrs. Katharine. Dall in her effort. A wide-ranging group of eminent populists has signed on with Mrs. Dall as Friends of The SPOTLIGHT and Liberty Lobby and are now going public.

The next few weeks should show if our fate is to be decided by purposeful judges or our friends. Be sure to watch next week’s issue of -The SPOTLIGHT for more about our Friends.