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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — July 5, 1999

Leeches Plot to Destroy Liberty Lobby

  • Pseudo patriots want control of populist Institution, newspaper.

Apparently under the sponsorship of the same California-based clique that orchestrated a $6 million plus court judgment against The SPOTLIGHT and its publisher, Liberty Lobby, a bizarre new plot has unfolded.

Suspects for the anonymous group are the same conspirators — backed by the same big-money forces that financed the takeover of the once-mighty Institute for Historical Review (IHR) — have come up with a new letterhead group, The Committee of Concerned Americans, dreamed up for the sole purpose of saving this newspaper from itself.

In a circular being mailed widely, the conspirators begin with the following:

Every patriot who supports a return to constitutional sanity in this country knows and appreciates the crucial work of Liberty lobby over the years. Its weekly newspaper, The SPOTLIGHT, has long been a leading supporter and voice of 'America First' values, and an important source of information that is being suppressed by the Establishment media.

So far, so good. However, the letter soon degenerates into a spiteful harangue against the main personnel at Liberty Lobby who for decades have successfully guided this newspaper’s policies.

Investigation of the so-called Committee of Concerned Citizens does not reveal any concerned citizens at all but the same group of unsavory conspirators and parasites hiding behind a new name. For more than five years these predators have been attacking the very Institution they say they now want to save — Liberty Lobby.

The address on the letterhead of the concerned citizens is 3535 E. Coast Hwy., Corona de Mar, CA 92625. But this address is not an office of any concerned citizens working away trying to make the world a better place. It is a commercial mail drop that rents out mail boxes, sells greeting cards, sends faxes and has a copy machine you can use for a small fee!

In fact, the small business at that address is called The Mail Room, and the telephone number is 949-673-2930.

The mail drop just happens to be located less than two miles from Babcock Street, Costa Mess, the lair for an assortment of admitted conspirators who, after wrecking the IHR, now wish to do the same thing to Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT.

The conspirators also use the same mail drop (Box 64) for another front group, Independent Publishers, when they wish to avoid using the now-discredited name the Institute for Historical Review for one of their scams.

Operating out of their $25-per-month mail drop, they are sending out their misleading smears to a large assortment of patriots using the name of a North Carolina attorney, Kirk Lyons. In addition to the mailing list of the IHR, the letter is being sent to Lyons' mailing list and the list belonging to a pot-smoking, small-time promoter in Pennsylvania, Don Wassall.

To add insult to injury, the Lyons letter actually asks for financial help to get things rolling in their takeover plan. Make checks to 'LSF/Trustee' pleads Lyons. In legalese, LSF/Trustee is Lyons' bank account.

Apparently, the Babcock Street conspirators have agreed to split the take (if any) 50-50.

As readers of The SPOTLIGHT know, in October 1993 the plot to seize Liberty Lobby began with the takeover of the IHR. The actual coup was led by two Scientologists, Tom Marcellus and Greg Raven. They were assisted by Mark Weber and Ted O’Keefe. Since then, in order to lessen Scientology’s exposure to the crime, Marcellus was pulled out by his handlers leaving what’s left of the IHR effectively in the hands of Greg Raven, whose ties to Scientology are supposedly secret. Only Raven — who collects the mail from 3535 East Coast Highway — and Weber are left in the office although they are supported by one Andrew E. Allen, of San Francisco and interested financial partners, including the Church of Scientology and various individuals connected to the state of Israel.

After taking over the IHR, the parasitic conspirators first turned their talents to the theft of more than $80,000 in the IHR bank account and sold off over $1 million in books and videos at prices often less than replacement cost.

The circulation of The Journal of Historical Review, under the expert guidance of Mark Weber, plummeted from 7,000 paid subscribers to its current one or two hundred.

Weber’s background is mysterious. Beginning as a young communist, Weber soon decided he was a Nazi. Growing a Hitler mustache, he spent time in Germany but was thrown out for pasting swastikas on telephones. Returning to the U.S., Weber served for a time as night clerk in a motel and as an acolyte to William Pierce, the Virginia-based American Nazi. Weber’s sister is a dedicated Israeli who lives in a commune. Weber’s main occupation appears to be spending hours every day telephoning literally around the world propagandizing against Liberty Lobby.

A great deal of the credit for the success of the IHR conspiracy has to go to Allen, whose ties to the CIA have often been documented in these pages (April 3, 1995, Sept. 23, 1996, Dec. 9, 1996, Jan. 6, 1997, May 21, 1997, and others). Allen has admitted under oath to his involvement in running arms to Afghan rebels, although to be fair he has not admitted any involvement in the guns-for-drugs trade, such as the CIA was involved with in Nicaragua.

Allen has also admitted his support of communist rebel groups trying to overthrow the anti-communist, nationalist government of Burma (Myanmar), a priority activity of the CIA. Apparently using his pull with the IHR, Allen was able to get the IRS a 501 (c)(3) status for the IHR which, as the letter brags, makes contributions to the Lyons-IHR cabal tax-deductible.

The Lyons letter makes many charges against Liberty Lobby founder, Willis A. Carto, most of which are untrue and not worth dealing with here. Readers who are interested in specific factual refutation of the charges may write to The SPOTLIGHT with their request and an SASE.