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Liberty Lobby Beats the Odds Again

SPOTLIGHT March 20, 2000, page 21

On March 22, 1995 — five years ago — a multi-jurisdictional SWAT feam staged an early-morning raid on the West Coast office of Liberty Lobby, the Washington-bused populist lnstitution that publishes The SPOTLIGHT.

As a helicopter buzzed overhead and will, snipers in place, some 100 armed officers from the San Diego County’s sheriff’s office and the Costa Mesa, Calif., police department accompanied by agents from several federal agencies including the FBI, the BATF and the IRS — attacked in force.

They maced the Carto’s dog, broke the gate and ransacked the Carto home. Mrs. Carto was brutalized and two young visitors were handcuffed and held captive with her. No one was permitted to use the phone. Mr. Carto was in Washington, D.C., at the time.

Then they moved on to The SPOTLIGHT office, adjacent to the house, and turned it upside down, taking away a total of 14 cartons of papers and files.

The raid was instigated by Tom Marcellus, Mark Weber and Greg Raven, treacherous employees of the Costa Mesa-based Institute for Historical Review (IHR), a revisionist research group also founded by Carto.

The employees lied to Costa Mesa police investigator Larry Rooker - a friend of their lawyer, William Hulsy and claimed Carto had embezzled funds from the IHR. This was part of a carefully coordinated scheme to discredit Mr. Carto and take control of the IHR.

At that juncture Rooker made contact with San Diego County Deputy Sheriff Tim Carroll, the longtime liaison between the San Diego sheriff’s office and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an arm of Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad. The ADL liaison and Rooker crafted a fraudulent request for a search warrant which Rooker turned over to an Orange County judge, Suzanne Shaw, who gave the go-ahead for the raid without properly questioning the integrity of their evidence. (Not surprisingly, Shaw was later brought up on ethics charges involving improper judicial conduct, although the charges were not related to her behavior in the Liberty Lobby case.)

The violent raid thus took place. Marcellus, Weber and Raven repeatedly claimed that charges would be filed against Mr. Carto, based upon evidence uncovered in the raid. No evidence was found. No charges were ever filed.

They also tried to get Carto indicted by the California attorney general, the U.S. Justice Department and even Swiss authorities. To do the latter, they worked with the ADL’s branch in Switzerland. All to no avail.

Mr. Carto and his wife filed a civil suit against the law enforcement authorities charging their civil rights had been violated. Preferring to keep the case from going public and revealing the forces behind the raid, the officials opted for an out-of-court settlement to cover up the malfeasance by the ADL-influenced law enforcement officers in collusion with the corrupt IHR employees.

Actually, Marcellus, Weber and Raven were acting as mere tools for powerful behind-the-scenes manipulators of the events that led up to the raid - which was part of a long-standing scheme to destroy the IHR from within.

Weber, who was on a power trip and saw the conspiracy as a get rich quick scheme, was probably unaware (at first) that he was a foolish pawn in a much bigger game, but he was nonetheless an eager and willing participant.

Webers handler was Andrew Allen, a San Francisco Bay socialite who-by his own admission under oath — dabbled in intrigue in two regions (Burma and Afghanistan) where the CIA and its allied intelligence agency, Israel’s Mossad (the foreign sponsor of the ADL) were involved in longtime joint covert operations. Allen’s mission was the destruction of the IHR. The Mossad was interested in destroying the IHR because the research group had done so much to delve into secrets of history that would-if widely disseminated — threaten the annual multi-billion-dollar U.S. taxpayer subsidies to Israel. Marcellus and Raven were under the discipline of the Church of Scientology, of which they were thoroughly inculcated followers totally devoted to the instructions of their leaders.

Although ostensibly led by David Miscavige, the truth is that in the mid-1980s a secret clique - including Los Angeles attorney Lawrence Heller — seized control of Scietology from its founder, L. Ron Hubbard and his wife and set up a new regime. Miscavige has been only the front man.

Stephen J. Koczak, a veteran U.S. State Department officer (who served in Israel), told The SPOTLIGHT that the Heller group that seized control of Scientology was a Mossad unit. The Mossad was interested in Scientology’s massive financial assets and Scientology’s legendary mind control techniques developed by Hubbard. For nearly a century, intelligence agencies have dabbled in mind control.

Thus, when Israel’s Mossad decided to move against the IHR, Scientology zombie Marcellus was already in place. Acting under Miscavige’s instructions, Marcellus then brought another Scientologist, Greg Raven, into the IHR to assist the planned coup. Weber, and a fourth employee, Ted O’Keefe meanwhile, were being manipulated by the Mossad-linked Andrew Allen and William Hulsy, a lawyer who would do anything fur money.

The scheme to take over the IHR was unveiled on Oct. 1, 1993. By pre-arrangement on that date the IRS also granted the tax exemption to Scientology that it had tried to get for three decades.

However, after the Heller group was firmly in charge of Scientology, then-IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg (a law partner of ADL chairman Kenneth Bialkin) set in motion the process that resulted in the Heller group getting the exemption a major financial boon to the Mossad controllers of Scientology.

In return for the tax exemption, the deceitful Scientology agents pulled off a coup inside the IHR. In events reminiscent of the ouster of the Hubbards from Scientology itself, the Mossad-sponsored conspirators seized physical control of the IHR and announced the termination of IHR founder Willis Carto.

When Mr. and Mrs. Carto attempted to regain control of the IHR office and an inventory of hard-to-find books worth more than $1 million, the Cartos were violently beaten and Scientologist Raven pointed a loaded, cocked 9mm handgun in Mrs. Carto’s face.

Following these events, the conspirators orchestrated a well-funded series of lawsuits against the Cartos and ultimately against Liberty Lobby. One of the lawsuits resulted in a multi-million dollar judgement against Liberty Lobby, forcing our populist Institution to file for bankruptcy.

The bright conclusion to this dismal story is that on this fifth anniversary of the raid on Liberty Lobby’s West Coast office, your populist Institution has survived. The bankruptcy has been resolved by a settlement. We are still moving forward. Without the support of our Board of Policy and other patriots, Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT would now be history.

You share our America-First stand, our support for traditional American values and for the U.S. Constitution — a prescription for America’s survival as a sovereign nation. Together we will chart a forward course for America’s freedom. We can’t give up — despite the obstacles thrown in our way.

There’s no doubt about it. Your influence counts. Use it.