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‘IHR Update’: May 8, 2000

Revisionist Group Branded As a Controlled ‘Trust’

Question: The Institute for Historical Review (IHR) has been accused of being a front for the Mossad and Scientology. How can it be — doesn’t it still put out truth-telling literature?

Answer: The new IHR is a trust, patterned after Stalin’s model of the 1920s. Here’s the gist of a memo the founder of the IHR, Willis Carto, sent out recently to someone who asked that question.

Dear …

Thank you for your letter regarding this festering affair with the parasites who have taken over the IHR. I, too, wish that the thing would die, but it will not, because I am totally without guilt and I will continue to say that. I was deceived by Tom Marcellus, Mark Weber, Greg Raven, Ted O’Keefe, and their crooked attorney, William Hulsy. At the time of the coup, I had no knowledge or suspicion what was brewing and both myself and Elisabeth were taken totally unaware. Not only because of the treachery and deceit with which this was accomplished but because of the massive lies spun by this gang about me since then. I cannot forgive and forget.

For the sake of my name and for the sake of the integrity of the revisionist movement I am determined to see to it that justice and the truth triumphs. I have not devoted my life to this work without pay to see the filth drag me through the mud and to destroy the IHR which, at the time it was destroyed from within, was not only the most influential revisionist force in the world, but which was growing in influence by leaps and bounds.

To accept their imposture that they represent historical or any other sort of truth is to reject facts and to take an irresponsible position that has to return to bite anyone who believes that good can come evil.

Righteousness does not flow from conspiracy, deceit, greed, and lies, which are the only words to describe this gang — if words mean anything at all. I am not speaking from a theological or religious standpoint but simply from the standpoint of a person like you who seeks truth — which is what has made you a revisionist in the first place.

You ask the logical question that, if I am right and the above-mentioned individuals are what I say, why or how is it that they continue to take a revisionist position, which is contrary to the interests of the Mossad, which I say controls the scenario?

The reasons why they must continue their masquerade are as follows.

First of all, there is the judgment which has forced LIBERTY LOBBY, not to mention Elisabeth, me, LaVonne and Lewis Furr to take bankruptcy protection. We are talking about a total judgment of over $12 million against us levied by California Superior Court Judge Runston G. Maino as punishment because I very responsibly was administering an estate that I — with the help of Elisabeth, Henry Fischer and the funds of LIBERTY LOBBY — was able to procure by tremendous effort.

I did this without the knowledge or assistance of Marcellus, Weber, O’Keefe, and Raven, the last of whom I did not even hire until after this had been accomplished and I had the funds to expand the IHR.

To prevent the literal wiping out of LIBERTY LOBBY, The SPOTLIGHT and THE BARNES REVIEW, I was forced to accept a settlement obligating us to pay $1.2 million to the above parasites and their anonymous backers who have supplied them with the money they have needed to hound me.

The point is, they have to preserve the IHR at least until they can milk me of every dime they can.

A second reason why they have to maintain the identity of the IHR is to continue the facade that it is what it was until October, 1993 — a reputable revisionist operation, then the leading revisionist force in the world. To fold it up — as will be done as soon as possible — would validate that it is Mossad controlled. Obviously, a double agent in any intelligence operation throughout history can maintain his/her credibility only by enthusiastically doing good work in behalf of the targeted cause. Besides, the Mossad has nothing to worry about because of the incompetence of Mark Weber and the fact that his boss — Greg Raven — is the arm of David Miscavige, who is, in turn, the front man for the behind-the-scenes group that took over Scientology.

How many times does The SPOTLIGHT have to remind people that Lawrence Heller, the California lawyer who represented Mel Mermelstein in his effort to destroy the IHR was — at that very time — one of the group that already controlled Scientology and the lucrative publishing rights to writings of L. Ron Hubbard?

How many times does The SPOTLIGHT have to remind people that Andrew E. Allen, the so-called revisionist who played a part in the IHR coup, has admitted — under oath — to having been involved in activities in Burma and Afghanistan in operations widely known to have been areas of joint CIA-Mossad intrigue?

In other words, the IHR balloon will not be punctured until Willis Carto is out of the way.

Thirdly, it is axiomatic that controlling your enemy is the best possible strategy in any politico/military operation. A good book describing the use of double (and even triple) agents in the intelligence community is Dirty Tricks or Trump Cards, by Roy Godson, an American academic known for his long-standing ties to Israeli intelligence. In intelligence jargon, the name for ostensibly unfriendly operations controlled by the enemy is a trust — derived from a Soviet counterintelligence operation of the 1920s. Examples are provided in Godson’s book. The IHR of today is a classic example of such a trust.

Without a doubt, the IHR will be used at some critical time (in some way) to advance the interests of the exterminationists.

How can it be otherwise with it being controlled by Andrew Allen and Greg Raven and various crafty, grasping lawyers ready to do anything for a buck?

Willis A. Carto.

[Also available on Carto’s web site (now defunct), dated March 20, 2000.]