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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — January 1, 2001

Liberty Lobby Down, But Not Out

There is good news this week. And how fitting it is during the holiday season of good will and cheer. Immediately after our Emergency Edition of The SPOTLIGHT went into the mail on Dec. 22, California Superior Court Judge Runston G. Maino of 325 S. Melrose, Vista, Calif. 92083 granted Liberty Lobby a stay of his order turning over the assets of Liberty Lobby to Mark Weber, Greg Raven, and the other assorted conspirators and intelligence operatives, until Jan. 22, 2001.

Maino, who for some misguided reason thinks that he has jurisdiction over the federal Bankruptcy Court in Washington, DC, was convinced by Liberty Lobby’s California attorney J. Brian Urtnowski that his action overturning the settlement between Liberty Lobby and the conspirators was unlawful and violated not only sound legal procedure but also the law itself, especially since Maino’s earlier ruling was under appeal to a higher court.

What triggered Maino’s outrageous decision to grant the conspirators the right to Liberty Lobby’s assets stems from an attempt by the conspirators in league with erstwhile attorney Kirk Lyons to solicit funds allegedly in the name of helping Liberty Lobby. When Liberty Lobby found out about this scheme, your populist Institution, acting through our longtime counsel Mark Lane, filed suit against Lyons, Weber, et al for fraud, violation of the Lanham Act and for other wrongs (See The SPOTLIGHT, Dec. 25, 2000, p. 9).

When one makes out a check to Liberty Lobby for a contribution that money is Liberty Lobby’s property. If you want to make out a check to Weber or Raven or Lyons or Judge Runston G. Maino, then you must make it out to them. But if you make out a check payable to Liberty Lobby and it is cashed by Lyons or Raven or Weber or someone in a black robe, they have then committed a crime called theft or stealing.

In other words, Maino has no authority to take money you have given to Liberty Lobby or anyone else. What is the difference if he picks your pocket of a $20 bill given you by your Aunt Sadie or if he takes it out of an envelope you addressed to Liberty Lobby?

Here in the offices of The SPOTLIGHT the fight for our constitutional right to publish (to exist, really) continues unabated. We must continue to get the truth out to you loyal readers and to the public at large.

If you read the Emergency Edition of The SPOTLIGHT with the front page headline Judge Says: Seize Liberty Lobby, you can’t help but realize that this judicial hit is one heck of a Christ mas present from a power-mad jurist who has no proper jurisdiction over anything in Washington.

Still, truth is stranger than fiction. Every word you read in the Emergency Edition is true. We found a possible lockout in our Christmas stocking, but we are sure that with your help we will be able to overcome this latest move on the part of the California conspirators whose sole ambition is to see Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT permanently destroyed.

It is imperative that we get all the help we can muster from our loyal Board of Policy members and SPOTLIGHT readers.

In the Emergency Edition there is a way that you can help. Joan Kahl, widow of the late IRS critic and Federal Reserve fighter Gordon Kahl and mother of Yorie Kahl, the young man now in federal prison for life on trumped-up charges of murder, has assumed the chairmanship of the reactivated Friends of The SPOTLIGHT and Liberty Lobby (FRIENDS) founded by the late widow of our longtime chairman Col. Curtis B. Dall.

Mrs. Kahl urges everyone to make a meaningful contribution to this fight. In the Emergency Edition on the back page is a special coupon which you can use to send your contribution to FRIENDS.

Just note from the list of the Friends that they are a Who’s Who of the American patriot movement. FRIENDS is totally separate from Liberty Lobby — it is not part of Liberty Lobby and Liberty Lobby has no control over it.

Please make a special note of the address: FRIENDS, P.O. Box 91660, Washington, D.C. 20090-1660.

As Mrs. Kahl said: Our enemies — and that’s what they are — think that they can bleed us dry. But we can’t let them do it — and WE WON’T! America has too much at stake.

Keep in mind again, that for Maino to authorize Mark Weber and the other conspirators to seize our assets and our mail is nothing but to authorize theft, which is itself a crime. No one is above the law including Runston G. Maino. It is outrageous for a member of the judiciary to do such a thing. No one but Liberty Lobby has a right to your contributions to Liberty Lobby.

As an added safeguard, please address all your mail to FRIENDS at the address above.

Remember: Your influence counts … Use it!