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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — January 22, 2001

Conspirator Exposed

  • The front man in the campaign to destroy Liberty Lobby has already ripped off his own wife and two little children. Are you surprised?
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Sanford Griffith

Had Mark Weber not — according to his wife, Priscilla — stolen the $12,000 his wife’s 96-year-old grandmother gave to Priscilla for their two infant children, Mrs. Weber might not have had to endure the grueling and demeaning ordeal of applying for welfare and food stamps from the state of California.

Mark Weber — who has long proclaimed himself a champion of fiduciary responsibility — secretly took the grandmother’s $12,000 gift out of a joint bank account he held with his wife and transferred the money into certificates of deposit in his own name. Then he called the grandmother and told her to send him the money henceforth.

In the meantime — as his wife and children struggle — Weber told the 96-year-old grandmother he wants to get married again.

Left destitute with their children, Mrs. Priscilla Weber says: Mark has refused to pay for our food. She described her re cent visit to the welfare office:

It took all day — seven hours — and most of it was spent waiting for an interview. It was boring because most of the others waiting could hardly speak English.

When she finally got to the head of the line, she found the people very helpful. However, when she returned home and opened up the packet of information given her, Priscilla discovered it was in Spanish. As a consequence, she had to go back to get an English-language version.

All was not lost: They really saved the day. They told me that if Mark doesn't pay child support that he can be ordered to get a real job. (For those who still believe Mark has a real job as the front man for the clique that now controls the IHR, this may come as a shock. Most SPOTLIGHT readers know otherwise. — Ed.)

In the meantime Weber refuses to give his wife any funds to put their children in a safe day care center so Priscilla can work on her own. Weber — who otherwise looks down upon Mexican-Americans — insists that a local publicly-funded day care center filled with Mexican-Ameri cans is good enough and refuses to help Priscilla to put the children in a private nursery.

Mark’s financial woes probably come as a surprise to even Weber himself who claimed he would control millions of dollars he (incorrectly) believed were salted away in Swiss bank accounts.

At one point Weber told people that there was as much as $40 million — maybe $80 million — soon to be at his disposal.

Priscilla says Mark finally admitted that the income from supporters of the IHR ultimately dwindled to virtually no thing and that the circulation of the IHR’s Journal of Historical Review fell dramatically.

From another source, The SPOTLIGHT understand the paid circulation of the Journal is down to about 200.

The truth is that Weber seldom gets out an issue of the journal and when he somehow manages to do so, it is largely recycled from articles that his co-conspirator, Greg Raven, takes off the Internet or is otherwise a rehash of articles reprinted from back issues of the Journal.

New Journal subscribers don't know this. Previous Journal subscribers figured this out a long time ago — or should have.

Priscilla says she never learned where the money comes from to pay the lawyer, Bryan Sampson, that her husband’s controllers enlisted in the campaign to stop publication of The SPOTLIGHT.

According to Robert Countess — a longtime member of the rump IHR board of directors assembled by CIA and Mossad-connected Andrew Allen — the attorney, Sampson, was also Mossad-connected.

Weber breathlessly rushed to alleviate damages resulting from the unexpected release of information regarding Samp son’s Mossad link. Weber defended Samp son, claiming he was a West Point man.

Weber failed to point out that the Mos sad specializes in recruiting American sayans — Israeli sympathizers who lend their expertise to Mossad operations such as the very kind in which Weber has made himself a willing tool.

According to Countess — certainly a reliable inside source who is, by his own accounts, no friend of Israeli intrigue — the Mossad lawyer is collecting 70 percent of everything he collects from Liberty Lobby on behalf of Weber’s handlers.

For having revealed Sampson’s Mossad background, Countess appears to have been expelled from the board.

Two other original board members — Harvey Taylor of California and Jack Riner of Indiana — are innocent figures played for fools by Weber and his handlers.

Taylor freely admitted to SPOTLIGHT reader Bud McGaughey on January 10 that he knew nothing about the CIA and Mossad ties of Weber’s handler, Andrew Allen. Yet, Taylor, like Riner, has allowed himself to be used by Weber.

Evidently, Taylor and Riner believe everything Weber tells them, but that’s a mistake. According to Priscilla, Weber lies a lot.

When he heard this, Willis Carto pointed out: When I took Weber’s deposition, most of his answers were variations of 'I can't recall,' or 'I don't remember.' But when he lied, he would stretch, yawn and roll his eyes. This is the same behavior I observe in my dog, commented Carto. When he does something wrong and I scold him, he will stretch, yawn and roll his eyes. He has a conscience. It appears that Mark Weber also has.

When Carto described Weber’s behavior about lying to Mrs. Weber, she laughed, saying, You've described Mark to a 't'.

Next installment in this series: Weber’s strange friends — including Irv Rubin, head of the Jewish Defense League.