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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — January 29, 2001

Weber’s Buddy: JDL Chief Irv Rubin

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder why Mark Weber is on such chummy terms with sworn enemies of Historical Revisionism.

Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT

By Sanford Griffith

Although Mark Weber postures as the sincere revisionist at the front desk at the California-based Institute for His torical Review (IHR), Weber’s strange — and evidently long-term — friendly relationship with Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) does raise some very serious questions.

Bear in mind that the story of Weber’s heretofore secret association with Rubin is not some groundless rumor floating around on the Internet.

The source for this explosive information is Weber’s own wife, Priscilla, the mother of Weber’s two children whom he has abandoned.

Exasperated with her husband’s bizarre behavior, Priscilla has gone public and revealed a wide-ranging array of unusual facts about Weber and his role in the conspiracy to destroy The SPOTLIGHT.

In an exclusive interview with The SPOTLIGHT, Priscilla described her husband’s unusual tie with Rubin:

He talks to him on the phone for an hour at a time when they do talk. I happened to be at the IHR one night and Mark was on the phone with somebody. It was Irv this and Irv that and when he got off the phone and I said, It sounds like an old friend and you were trying to reason with him. Mark said, That was Irv Rubin. I said, Isn’t he the guy that firebombed the IHR? and Mark laughed, Yeh, yeh, yeh. I said, surprised, Well, why do you talk to him? It was like he was giving comfort to the enemy. It just seemed like they had a long kind of relationship together.

Weber knows full well that his friend Rubin won newspaper headlines in southern California in 1984 by climbing triumphantly atop the rubble of the bombed-out headquarters of the IHR proclaiming his delight at the destruction of the California-based historical revisionist institute by terrorists on the night of July 4, 1984.

The firebombing of the IHR resulted in the devastating loss of thousands of books, valuable files and other IHR property valued at some $400,000.

Conveniently, for the perpetrators, an IHR employee, Tom Marcellus — who later joined Weber in orchestrating an inside job to seize control of the IHR — had mysteriously failed to do as ordered and provide for increased insurance coverage for the IHR after previous acts of vandalism against the IHR were traced to the JDL.

Although the IHR bombing case remains officially unsolved, a detailed summary of an internal FBI report on the bombing leaked to The SPOTLIGHT in 1986 by a high-ranking national security specialist concluded that the IHR attack was orchestrated by members of the Israeli Defense Forces, flown in from Israel, and that they received assistance from local operatives of the JDL in California.

Despite this, the IHR destruction was omitted from the FBI’s annual published survey of terrorist crimes following a direct order from the White House which had been under pressure to prohibit public reports from documenting the extensive history of JDL terrorism.

Still, the FBI’s 1984 report on domestic terrorism disclosed that the JDL and other militant supporters of the state of Israel had perpetrated 19 terrorist crimes since 1979.

In 1985 Arab-American leader Alex Odeh of Orange County, Calif. was murdered in a bombing affirmatively linked to Rubin’s JDL associates. After Odeh’s death, Weber’s friend Rubin declared that Odeh got what he deserved.

Several years later, in 1993 — when the FBI raided the home of Roy Bullock, an operative for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) — plans for Odeh’s office were found in Bullock’s possession. The ADL claims to oppose JDL violence, but the fact is that all JDL targets are also ADL targets.

The JDL was founded in 1968 by its long-time leader, Brooklyn-born Meir Kahane, the so-called militant rabbi gunned down after being elected to the Israeli parliament.

It is now well-documented that Ka hane had been a long-time asset of the FBI and the CIA. That in itself raises the question as to whether Kahane’s protege, Weber’s friend Irv Rubin, is likewise.

The fact that Kahane’s service to the CIA included a stint in Africa, posing as a news correspondent is particularly interesting since Weber had an unusual African sojourn in Ghana.

Of all places for Weber to locate in Africa, Ghana is an intriguing choice, particularly since Israeli historian Ben jamin Beit-Hallahmi reports that Israel’s Mossad — in league with the CIA — ruled the roost in Ghana until a nationalist regime came to power and cut off a relationship that had been a major success story (and a lucrative one) for Israel.

According to Weber’s wife, Priscilla, her husband was in Ghana in approximately 1970. Weber himself says he was there on the U.S. government payroll teaching English to the natives.

The U.S. government probably did have Weber on its payroll. However, considering Weber’s long-time aversion to blacks, it seems unlikely he ventured all the way to the African desert to teach colored folks.

Far more likely is that the astute young scholar was on some sort of intelligence mission.

More recently, Weber became somewhat of a celebrity — a figure in movie land — when he contacted an ex-Israeli army commando and intelligence operative, Yaron Svoray, who was posing as a Nazi sympathizer.

Weber evidently hoped to line up a job writing for a phony Nazi publication that Svoray was purporting to publish.

Svoray wrote about Weber in his book, In Hitler’s Shadow, and their initial encounter was highlighted in a television film, The Infiltrator. The full extent of their association remains untold.

Later, in a lecture at the University of Kansas, Svoray told his audience — referring to Willis Carto — that if anyone wanted to practice with their baseball bats, they should visit Carto. A statement like that is called incitement to murder. It is illegal. But the police aren’t interested.

On Oct. 15, 1993, safely accompanied by an armed gang consisting of Tom Mar cellus, Greg Raven, Ted O’Keefe and lawyer William Hulsy, Weber physically brutalized Carto and his wife Elisabeth. Weber and his gang forcibly seized control of the IHR headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif. Mrs. Carto was bruised and bloodied about the face and the neck during the attack, al though the police refused to file any charges against him.

During the melee, thug Raven pointed a loaded, cocked 9mm semi-automatic pistol at Mrs. Carto’s face and ordered her out of the building, saying he would shoot.


Weber’s attack on the Cartos is not the only time he has used physical violence. His wife Priscilla has shown The SPOTLIGHT copies of reports she filed with the police describing his own violent attacks on her.

One of Weber’s other strange friendships bears noting. In recent years Weber has spent much time socializing — even attending pizza parties — with an outspoken critic of Holocaust Revisionism, Michael Shermer, who recently devoted an entire book to attacking so-called Holocaust deniers.

What is quite notable about the book is that Shermer has nothing but accolades for Weber, painting Weber (who is actually a dour and colorless sort) as some sort of brilliant Mr. Personality, while downgrading other respected figures in the Revisionist movement (such as Ernst Zundel, a genuinely colorful figure) effectively conveying upon Weber an admiring imprimatur.

Outspoken revisionist Michael A. Hoffman II has nothing but contempt for Weber’s pal Shermer, saying that he (obviously unlike Weber) cannot respect an Orwellian distortionist like Shermer.

Another respected revisionist, L.A. Rol lins, points out that the book by Weber’s friend is guilty of completely ignoring most of what the revisionists have written.

Yet, of course, Weber is portrayed as the leading revisionist, perhaps in the entire world. Can it be any wonder that sincere revisionists are alternately disgusted with (or suspicious of) Weber?

More than a few have speculated that Shermer’s book is covertly designed to direct people into association with Weber and into the web of the controlled opposition that the IHR has become under the domination of Weber’s well-heeled, behind-the-scenes handlers.