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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — February 5, 2001

Good News, But Fight Far From Over

There is good news to report about the fight to preserve the integrity of Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT. But first, some background.

Liberty Lobby did not enter into its bankruptcy lightly. However, after Mark Weber and his co-conspirators convinced Judge Runston G. Maino of the Superior Court in San Diego, Calif., to levy an $8.9 million judgment against our populist Institution on Nov. 26, 1996, and Weber’s lawyers moved to collect on that judgment, Liberty Lobby had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 1999.

After lengthy and costly negotiations, a settlement was drafted and agreed to by the conspirators and Liberty Lobby — the amount: $1.2 million.

Liberty Lobby has regularly made all of its obligated payments on the settlement. However, the California conspirators decided to take over Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT — obviously acting under orders from their handlers.

Maino declared that Liberty Lobby was in violation of its federal bankruptcy plan which had been approved by Judge S. Martin Teel of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the District of Columbia on Oct. 25, 1999.

Maino’s ruling was wrong, not only be cause he based it entirely on untrue statements made by Bryan Sampson — Weber’s lawyer — but he had no authority to void a settlement ordered by a federal judge.

Sampson had told Maino — with no evidence — (1) that Liberty Lobby was be hind on its payments (untrue); (2) that Liberty Lobby had not paid interest (exactly as he and our bankruptcy attorney, Tom Stanton, had agreed); (3) that Liberty Lobby had not dismissed its lawsuits against Weber et al as agreed (a flat-out lie); (4) that Elisabeth Carto had lots of money in some unspecified bank account somewhere (A flat-out lie Sampson told Maino, who usually believes anything Sampson tells him.).

However, on Dec. 22, Liberty Lobby’s West Coast attorney, J. Bryan Urtnowski, convinced Maino that his action overturning the settlement in federal court in Washington was inappropriate and that he was required to issue a stay until Jan. 22, 2001.

In the meantime, in Washington, D.C., Tom Stanton swung into action and petitioned Teel to review the actions of Weber and his co-conspirators.

At virtually the last minute, on Friday, Jan. 19 — the last business day before Maino’s stay was set to expire — Teel reopened Liberty Lobby’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. His ruling was eminently fair. He gave Liberty Lobby 28 days to come before him and argue against the false claim by Mark Weber and his co-conspirators that Liberty Lobby is in violation of the bankruptcy agreement which had been written by Sampson and ratified by Teel. The time expires on Feb. 16.

Teel’s ruling means that — for the time being — Weber and his co-conspirators may not come in and seize control of Liberty Lobby and shut down The SPOTLIGHT (which, in fact, is precisely what Weber has told his estranged wife, Priscilla is his plan. For more on Weber, see page 18).

Next, on the morning of Jan. 22, acting in response to the news from Teel’s courtroom in Washington, Maino in California had to put a hold on his own ruling that had been set to expire on 4:30 that afternoon.

So it is that Liberty Lobby, while still in crisis mode, is able to continue its day-to-day operations and publish The SPOTLIGHT, etc.

But make no mistake about it: the emergency situation is still in force. It will remain so until the matter is either:

  • finally resolved and Liberty Lobby is able to continue operating under its original bankruptcy settlement; or
  • Weber and his handlers come in and seize the name and all other assets of Liberty Lobby, Inc., including The SPOTLIGHT.

The situation is as frighteningly simple as that. We plan to be able to keep our traditional Liberty Lobby in operation, and expect to do so notwithstanding the difficulties because of the spirited help we have been receiving from our Board of Policy and SPOTLIGHT subscribers.

Liberty Lobby treasurer Willis A. Carto has filed a declaration in support of a motion for a temporary restraining order and application for a preliminary and permanent injunction against Weber, Raven and their associates.

Carto argues that, in addition to ad versely affecting the livelihoods of 28 employees, the termination of operations of Liberty Lobby, publisher of The SPOTLIGHT, will also impact negatively on the First Amendment.

He points out that the major business of Liberty Lobby is publishing the weekly newspaper, The SPOTLIGHT, and as such is protected by the principles of freedom of the press and freedom of speech embedded in that amendment.

Carto lists some 25 exclusive stories (the same ones listed on page 2 of our Dec. 31, 2000 issue) that have suffered the chilling hand of censorship either by suppression or distortion by the news media under pressure from political figures or economic powers which cannot stand the light of day and which, for their own self-interest or survival, do not wish the facts to be known by the public.

And he concludes his declaration, This is a political case motivated and directed and financed by selfish interests hostile not only to the Debtor [Liberty Lobby] but to the general welfare of the public.

Again this week and until this serious matter is finally resolved, please continue to send your mail of support and encouragement to FRIENDS of The SPOTLIGHT and Liberty Lobby, P.O. Box 41869, Arlington, VA 22204.

Remember: Your influence counts … Use it!