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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — February 5, 2001

Are You in Mark Weber’s Secret File?

The estranged wife of one of the key figures behind the bizarre conspiracy to destroy The SPOTLIGHT and Liberty Lobby comes clean regarding extensive files her husband keeps on the friends and enemies with whom he communicates.

Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Sanford Griffith

If you’ve ever spoken with Mark Weber in person or on the telephone or corresponded with him, there’s one thing you can be certain of: Weber has a file on you.

Priscilla Weber, the estranged wife of Weber, front man in the operation to destroy Liberty Lobby and silence The SPOTLIGHT, has gone public with what she knows about her husband’s role in the conspiracy.

The fact is that Weber’s until-now-secret files would be a gold mine for anyone — particularly a hostile intelligence agency such as Israel’s Mossad — who wants the inside scoop on who’s who in the Revisionist movement. According to Priscilla:

Mark keeps files on everyone — including me. Friendly people, too. He’s got a big file on Arthur Butz, the respected author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.

If Mark has a five minute phone call with somebody, he makes a note about it. If he has a luncheon in a greasy spoon with somebody who just pops into town — it could be anybody — he makes a file on them and makes notes about what they said.

He makes notes constantly. When he is talking on the phone he is constantly typing. I used to think he was a brilliant multi-tasker who could type and work and talk to you at the same time, but now that I know him better, I think he was actually making notes of our phone conversations before we got married. It gives him a great comfort to have power over somebody — a sense of power.

The big question is whether Weber is keeping these files for his own purposes or whether he is doing it at the careful instructions of others.

The existence of these files could be utilized for insidious purposes, either by Weber himself or by those who are now in control of Weber.

Weber may have been stimulated in his intelligence gathering by Tom Marcellus who, with Weber, was one of the key players in the take-over of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) which was then used as the springboard in the attack on Liberty Lobby.

Mrs. Weber told The SPOTLIGHT that Marcellus bragged to her on one occasion that certain of his religious cult associates intend to use their own computerized databanks to — in Marcellus’s words — blackmail members of the German parliament.

He actually used that word: blackmail, Mrs. Weber said.

Mrs. Weber sees this as being very significant, especially since, as she revealed, Marcellus has long been volunteering for Congressman Christopher Cox [R-Calif.] — maybe four, five or six years even — to get the congressman real up-to-date on the Internet and on computerization.

In addition, Mrs. Weber pointed out, another former IHR employee — Michelle Matteau — who is also a member of Marcellus’s cult, was also deployed into Cox’s most recent congressional campaign.

Mrs. Weber somberly predicts that as far as Cox is concerned, he’s eventually going to get blackmailed. I think that’s a very dangerous thing.

Cox should sit up and take notice: the congressman conducted a hotly controversial inquiry into Red China’s acquisition of U.S. defense technology and treaded in dangerous waters by doing so.

The very forces behind Marcellus and Weber and the plot to destroy Liberty Lobby have a vested interest in keeping Cox under control since his investigation is known to have uncovered the role of Israel and its assets in official Wash ing ton in channeling U.S. technology to the Red Chinese.

What is interesting is that, according to Mrs. Weber, Marcellus told us that he had to leave the IHR, and that he was ordered to get out of it by his cult bosses who were hostile to the IHR.

In Mrs. Weber’s judgment, her husband would not have been willing to get involved in the plot to take over the IHR and then to destroy Liberty Lobby without the support of both Marcellus and Andrew Allen, who has admitted, under oath, to having been involved in two separate operations conducted under the joint aegis of the CIA and the Mossad.

At the very least, Weber’s extensive record-keeping is interesting. At the worst, it could suggest that, all along, Weber has been on a mission in playing the role of the sincere Revisionist at the front desk at the IHR.