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Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 20:13:45 -0500
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Gun for Hire

Folks familiar with the downfall of the once-respected Institute for Historical Review (IHR), taken over in 1994 by a profit-mad gang of lawyers and parasites, may think of Greg Raven as merely a common gunsel and thug. But this would be wrong. He’s more — or less — as the case may be.

It now turns out that Raven’s denials that he is a paid agent of the Church of Scientology may be true. In fact, it may be true that no real Church of Scientology exists.

It has come to light that this organization is actually owned by a group of lawyers, most of whom are not even Scientologists!

The record shows that Scientology, its names, trademarks, copyrights, logos — even including LRH, the initials of its founder — L. Ron Hubbard — are the property of a separate corporation, Religious Technology Center, Inc. (RTC). And RTC is completely separate from Scientology. It receives fees, commissions and payments every time that the sect’s names appear in any of the printed material it puts out.

RTC is hidden in a corporate maze. It lists its official address in care of a little professional mail drop at 419 Larchmont Avenue in Los Angeles called Village Mail Call.

And yet this obscure corporation owns the multi-million dollar Scientology empire! How many veteran followers of L. Ron Hubbard know this? The board of directors of RTC is composed of lawyers for the most part, few if any of whom are Scientologists. One of these is Lawrence E. Heller, a longtime Scientology lawyer.

Significantly, Heller was also the lawyer for Mel Mermelstein, the holocaust survivor who sued the IHR and Liberty Lobby for millions of dollars in 1991. In the courtroom, Mermelstein’s performance was so poor that the judge dismissed his suit before the trial. At this, Heller lost his mind and physically attacked Liberty Lobby’s attorney, Mark Lane, who had (easily) made Mermelstein look like a fool.

The entire entertaining and revealing story is covered in Michael Collins Piper’s book, Best Witness.

Here is the legal notice and Heller & Co. requires be printed in every publication issued by Scientology: It is reprinted from International Scientology News magazine issue No. 16, released in May, 2001 by Church of Scientology International, 6331 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 801, Los Angeles, CA 90028-6300. It is printed on page 47 at the bottom in extremely light 4-point type. This message appears on all official Scientology publications. It proves that Scientology is owned by Religious Technology Center, Inc.

All Rights Reserved. Grateful acknowledgment is made to Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard. SCIENTOLOGY, the new FLAG logo, Flag Service Organization, corporate symbol, SCIENTOLOGY symbol, GOLDEN AGE OF TECH symbol, OT, FLAG, FREEWINDS, HUBBARD, LRH, LRH DEVICE, SMI corporate symbol, I HELP logo, CLEARSOUND logo, CLEARSOUND, E-METER, STANDARD TECH, STUDENT HAT, MARK SUPER VI/VII E-METER configuration, MARK SUPER VII QUANTIUM, NED, SAINT HILL, SHSBC, FREEWINDS logo, MARK SUPER VII QUANTIUM logo, Religious Technology Center symbol, DIANETICS, THE BRIDGE, Lion symbol, SUPER POWER, FSSO symbol, RON signature, CSI corporate symbol, OT symbol, Solo Auditor symbol, FSO corporate symbol, Sea Organization symbol and Sea Organization coat of arms are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. SCIENTOLOGIST is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. Services relating to Scientology religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world exclusively by licensees of the Church of Scientology International with the permission of Religious Technology Center, holder of the SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS trademarks.

Heller and the others who sit on the board of directors of RTC are all known to be closed to the notorious Anti-Defamation League (ADL) which is, in turn, a division of the Mossad, Israel’s powerful and ruthless intelligence agency.

No one has ever doubted that the ADL is an illegal organization which operates inside the U.S. in open and flagrant violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

But no American politician or newspaper will question the bona fides of the ADL because all are terrified of its power. The ADL — with some 2000 offices around the country — can rub out any political ambition very easily because it can control every mainstream newspaper through its control over the advertising that makes a newspaper profitable.

Raven has never been questioned as to his relationship to Heller and the other lawyers who control the RTC and through it, Scientology.

Is Raven paid for his intelligence work as was Roy Bullock, the famed ADL spy who narrowly escaped jail? (Bullock was first unmasked as an ADL spy by this newspaper in 1986.)

To pay Bullock, the ADL sent funds to a Los Angeles lawyer, Bruce Hochman, who in turn paid Bullock out of his office account. This eliminated a paper trail and invoked the doctrine held sacred by lawyers, the attorney-client privilege. This covert means of financing Bullock made it possible for Bullock to deny that he was paid by the ADL.

Is this how Raven is paid by Heller or one of his associates? Does the ADL send fees to Heller from which Heller pays Raven? And what connection exists between Heller and fellow Los Angeles lawyer Bruce Hochman? In any event, it is unmistakable that Heller and crew control Scientology through their RTC. The evidence indicates that they also control and manipulate Greg Raven and the IHR.

This crude attempt at a smear also appeared in The SPOTLIGHT of May 28, 2001.