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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — June 19, 2001

Key to Truth About Oklahoma City Bombing May Be Enigmatic West German Immigrant

  • A federal undercover informant, Andreas Strassmeir, was operating alongside Timothy McVeigh for a long time prior to the Oklahoma bombing. That’s the big secret the major media and the government are keeping under wraps. Slowly but surely the truth is emerging.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Michael Collins Piper

While the media devoted endless coverage to Timothy McVeigh’s execution, the media censored the fact that growing numbers of bombing survivors and families of victims doubt that McVeigh acted alone.

Those who doubt McVeigh and the FBI base their suspicions on solid evidence that continues to emerge-in particular, long-suppressed FBI documents just re cently uncovered.

Instead of reporting all of this, the me dia provided vast attention to advocates of the lone bomber theory — such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) of Morris Dees — allowing ADL and SPLC spokesmen to speculate about other potential terrorists who might bomb another building in the future. The ADL and the SPLC agree with McVeigh and the FBI that McVeigh was a lone bomber.

While the media shifts attention to the grief of those who suffered, the media ignores devastating evidence that federal undercover agents operated alongside McVeigh in the bombing, having had him under close surveillance for probably several years.

The SPOTLIGHT determined long ago that the key to uncovering the truth about the tragedy lay in unmasking the enigmatic German national Andreas Strass meir. This, in fact, now seems to be a consensus among a diverse group of independent investigators including, among others:

  • Ex-Oklahoma State Rep. Charles Key;
  • Former London Telegraph correspondent Ambrose Evans-Pritchard;
  • Journalist J.D. Cash;
  • New American editor William Jasper;
  • The late Glenn Wilburn and his wife Kathy (who lost two grandchildren in the bombing); and
  • Ex-Marine Colonel Roger Charles (a former producer for ABC’s 20/20).

In addition, McVeigh’s former attorney, Stephen Jones, as well as his most recent attorneys, Rob Nigh, Richard Burr, Na than Chambers and Christopher Tritico, have charged that Strassmeir was a key player in the scenario.

Well-known media figures such as Robert Novak and Sam Francis also raised questions about Strassmeir.

The evidence indicates that Strassmeir, if not a participant in the bombing conspiracy, was certainly a longtime deep-cover informant for some federal agency, whether the FBI, the CIA or the BATF.


For its own part, The SPOTLIGHT has documented that the aforementioned ADL had early, inside knowledge of McVeigh’s activities, possibly provided by its contacts in one or more federal agencies, based on data probably provided by Strassmeir and his close associates.

That Strassmeir was an undercover in formant also suggests that his close friend and sponsor (and attorney) Kirk Lyons was aware of Strassmeir’s status and was, in fact, his handler.

Since, for the past eight years, Lyons has been engaged in intelligence agency-orchestrated efforts to destroy The SPOTLIGHT — predating public reports of his in volvement with Strassmeir — this adds further fuel to the belief that Lyons is a deep cover operative with a hidden agenda.

Lyons sounds like McVeigh prosecutor Beth Wilkinson claiming that allegations about Strassmeir are an Elvis Presley theory (referring to the claim that the singer is still alive).

Along with Lyons, the FBI, the ADL and Morris Dees, it has been elite media voices such as The New York Times, The Wash ington Post and Newsweek that have dismissed allegations regarding Strass meir.

Yet, while the Strassmeir connection has been suppressed in the American me dia, foreign news sources have been more forthcoming.

The June 8 issue of The Times of Lon don featured a revealing story about Strassmeir, saying that he could be the missing piece in the puzzle. The authors clearly believe Strassmeir knows more than he is telling and that Strassmeir probably was an undercover intelligence operative.

The Times comments that the syringe that executes McVeigh will also drain Strassmeir of significance; give him the status of a footnote — in other words, eliminate forever the one confessed conspirator who could finger Strassmeir.

The London newspaper adds revelations pointing toward Strassmeir’s strange connections. For example, it turns out that Strassmeir can read Hebrew — Israel’s state language — as a consequence of having had an Israeli army girlfriend, not exactly the typical choice of a neo-Nazi, the Times adds knowingly.

In addition, the Times notes that when Strassmeir first arrived in this country that this so-called neo-Nazi extremist found friends easily — retired Army officers, CIA veterans, history buffs — and became part of a network which the Times said is powerful in the U.S., a web of influence that stretches into the Pen tagon and the federal agencies, in churches and boardrooms, on the oil rigs and building sites.

Again, hardly the profile of your average grass-roots extremist but certainly the profile of an intelligence operative.

The Times concludes its remarkable re port saying that we don’t believe Strassmeir is John Doe II — few people do — but adds, there is a feeling, though, that in the huge cast of characters, all the losers, and fanatics that make up the opera bouffe of the Oklahoma investigation, only Strassmeir has the brain to be the brains.

Strassmeir claimed he is really glad that the missing FBI papers were uncovered, saying, maybe they will show what garbage people have been talking about me.

However, when McVeigh’s attorneys appealed to block McVeigh’s execution, they cited newly-released FBI documents which suggested that, in the attorneys’ words, There was … evidence, withheld by the government, that another person could well have been the mastermind be hind the bombing.

The attorneys specifically named Strass meir and one of his friends, Dennis Ma hon of Oklahoma, as possible co-conspirators and charged that the FBI had engaged in a scheme to suppress evidence of their roles in the bombing.

While the names of Strassmeir and Lyons were revealed by the European-based Reuters News Agency on June 7, their names were totally suppressed by elite United States news sources despite a media frenzy over the midnight hour effort to block McVeigh’s execution.

The American press continued to hype Mc Veigh’s claim of having acted alone, censoring evidence that others were in volved.

Also telling is that McVeigh’s attorneys said information in the FBI documents suggested that one of the other participants in the bombing was an informant for federal law enforcement officers.

Not only do most investigators seem to have concluded Strassmeir (more so than Mahon) was the likely candidate but Mahon’s own statements suggest that Mahon — involved in the bombing or not — now believes Strassmeir was a government man all along.

Another strike against Strassmeir has also been leveled by an ex-Marine officer, Roger Charles, a former producer of ABC’s 20/20 who resigned in disgust when 20/20 canceled his scheduled report on Strass meir some years ago.

In the July 2001 issue of Soldier of For tune, Charles says that there is compelling evidence that Strassmeir had access to prior knowledge regarding the bombing.

Noting that Strassmeir, in several interviews, while proclaiming his own in nocence of any involvement, had claimed knowledge (after the bombing) that 1) there were actually two yellow trucks connected to the bombing; and 2) that federal authorities had placed a tracking device on one of those yellow trucks approaching Oklahoma City on the day of the bombing.

Charles reports three different sets of witnesses told of seeing SWAT-dressed personnel with what were described as hoops near the Murrah building in the pre-dawn hours prior to the bombing, and on the interstate near Oklahoma City.

Noting that these so-called hoops are direction-finding devices used to triangulate the location from which an electronic emitter was active, Charles concludes authorities were tracking the bombers — having foreknowledge of their plans — and this was the activity seen by witnesses.

Charles avers that while the authorities were following a decoy truck, the truck used to deliver a bomb to the Murrah building made it to the site.

Charles points out that even The Denver Post conducted a six-month investigation of its own — never referred to in national news accounts — which concluded that not one, but two yellow trucks were involved in the bombing, and that the extra truck (that the government says never existed) could hold the key to unlocking one of the most enduring mysteries of the case-how many people were involved in the bombing.

Where, asks Charles, did Strassmeir get inside information about a vehicle-tracking device used by federal officials?

That the ADL and Morris Dees of the SPLC are adamant in discounting the involvement of purported neo-Nazis such as Strassmeir in the bombing raises the question as to why these professional nazi-hunters are determined to discount the Strassmeir connection.

The only logical explanation is that Strassmeir was not really a neo-Nazi but instead, a classic snitch reporting back to federal intelligence agencies allied with the ADL — or that Strassmeir was an ADL asset all along.