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Judge Accused of Ethics Violations

  • The controversial judge who authorized the unlawful raid upon The SPOTLIGHT’s west coast office has been charged with multiple counts of ethics violations.
Exclusive To The Spotlight
By Sanford Griffith

The judge who countenanced perjury to issue the warrant that sparked a violent multi-jurisdictional SWAT-team raid on the West Coast office of The SPOTLIGHT has been formally ac cused of misconduct by the California state Commission on Judicial Performance.

Judge Suzanne Shaw is also charged with publicly expressing anti-white ra cism from her seat on the bench in the Superior Court for Orange County, Calif.

In mid-November Shaw was forced to face a four-day grilling by a disciplinary panel weighing 12 charges of ethical violations leveled against her. If found guilty, Shaw could be removed from the bench. Final disposition of the case could take several months.

The formal charges against Shaw are willful misconduct in office, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice, improper action and dereliction of duty. Three appellate court justices examining the evidence will recommend what punishment should be imposed upon Shaw if she is found guilty.

According to The Orange County Register, a former defendant, his father and several courtroom observers have alleged that Shaw told the defendant, a young white man (who was charged with drunk driving): You know what they do to skinny little white boys in prison evidently referring to the popular perception that young white men are reportedly often gang raped in prison by blacks. Shaw is also accused of:

  • Improperly talking to prosecutors without defense lawyers present;
  • Making inflammatory statements to defendants who had not been convicted; and,
  • Inappropriately telling a jury that she thought a witness was lying.

In addition, the judge is also accused of singing to defendants, one charge which Shaw admitted was true, saying that I have a happy heart. I sing for levity. I sing for redirection. However, Shaw’s demeanor during her own trial was anything but happy. According to the Register, Shaw was teary-eyed as the counts of her misconduct were publicly bared.


The charges against Shaw and the reports about her bizarre behavior contrast starkly with the high praise for Shaw issued by Mark Weber and Greg Raven, two co-conspirators who were assisted by the judge in one chapter of the well-financed effort to destroy The SPOTLIGHT.

Relying on what were obviously malicious and perjured statements by Weber and Raven, the San Diego County’s Sheriff’s liaison to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Tim Carroll, approached Shaw (who is believed to be a member of Hadassah and is a known ADL sympathizer).

Carroll asked Shaw for a search warrant for The SPOTLIGHT office. Shaw eagerly approved the request without proper judicial inquiry and the tainted raid was set in motion.

At daybreak on March 22, 1995, more than 30 heavily-armed police officers and deputy sheriffs, SWAT personnel, IRS, FBI and BATF agents broke down the fence surrounding the property. A helicopter hovered overhead and snipers were in place.

The SPOTLIGHT office adjoins the home of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Carto. Carto is the executive publisher of The SPOTLIGHT. The Carto family’s pet dog was maced. Mrs. Carto and two youngsters who were visiting were thrown in handcuffs and the house was turned upside down.

Fourteen cartons of SPOTLIGHT, Liberty Lobby and other documents were removed, as well as three rifles, four handguns, pictures and even a Japanese sword that Carto, a purple heart veteran, had brought back from Japan in 1945. Carto himself was in Washington at the time of the raid.

Under Shaw’s orders (based on the Weber and Raven lies), the SWAT team searched for stolen goods supposedly hidden on the property. Of course, no such goods were found, although Weber and Raven trumpeted loudly that a criminal indictment of Carto was certain.

After the raid, Shaw refused to reconsider her decision to issue the search warrant, berating attorneys for Carto and for The SPOTLIGHT for even daring to ask her to do so and taking no action against Raven or Weber for perjury.

Eventually, Mr. and Mrs. Carto and their guests filed a civil lawsuit against the authorities involved and actually re ceived a small settlement which essentially acknowledged that the ADL-instigated raid was a fraud from the start. Weber, Raven and Shaw remain unpunished for their crimes.