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Forbearance agreement 1 — Table of Contents

In August 1999, Carto seemed finally ready to settle. Here are the documents that were signed. U.S. Bankruptcy Courts in California, Arkansas, and District of Columbia accepted the settlement proposals, and they were implemented. Within weeks, however, Carto was in breach of the terms of the agreements.

After months of warning him and his attorneys that they needed to comply with the agreements they had signed, LSF eventually was forced to go back to Judge Maino, who declared the Carto group to be in breach and default of the agreement. Thus, they once again owed LSF the full amount of the original judgment, rather than the far lower amount specified in the agreement. Four days later, Liberty Lobby again applied for protection under bankruptcy laws. What a clever businessman Carto is!

[Note: The language of the actual documents varies slightly from the language as shown on this site. In actuality, there are separate sets of documents for each of the defendants, that is, one for the Cartos, one for Liberty Lobby, and one for the Furrs. As presented here, the text of the documents has been altered slightly to include all defendants in one set of sample documents.]

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