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Forbearance Agreement 2 — Table of Contents

After Judge Maino ruled that the Carto group were in breach of their agreement with LSF, Liberty Lobby sued for bankruptcy protection, and LSF set a hearing date on a motion to sell Carto’s house. Carto and his attorneys squirmed mightily, but the pressure of LSF’s collection efforts finally got to them, and they agreed to negotiate a new settlement. This took two days in front of retired Judge McCue in San Diego, and resulted in a settlement that required the Carto group to pay far more money than under the first agreement. Thirty days later, Carto had broken this agreement, too, so we’re headed back to court.

  • A typescript copy of the hand-written agreement, signed by Carto both on behalf of himself and Elisabeth Carto, and on behalf of Liberty Lobby. Except for the initial $5,000 payment required on signing this agreement, Carto upheld NONE of its provisions.