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Historical Education Foundation vs. IHR

Either through sloth or deceit, Carto’s attorneys Randy Waier and Brian Urtnowski filed two separate suits with the same plaintiff and defendant, on the same day, in the same court, instead of consolidating the cases, which is normal operating procedure.

However (and as per usual for them), they notified the IHR only of the first suit (hereafter called HEF1), failing to mention the second suit (hereafter HEF2). IHR attorney William Hulsy did discover the existence of the second suit, however, and as it turned out, on the first day of trial on the first suit, Carto’s attorneys themselves mistook one case for the other.

The first suit — HEF1

  • Brief summary of HEF1
  • Results of the trial
  • The appeal

The second suit — HEF2