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Willis Carto’s 'Hereford Corporation' lawsuit against the IHR

Carto intended this lawsuit to delay or stop the sale of his hillside mansion in Escondido, California. In it, Carto’s Panamanian alter ego corporation, Hereford Corporation (named after the town in Germany where Carto’s wife, Elisabeth, was born), sued both the IHR and Carto! Carto, of course, never filed any papers opposing the suit, because the purpose was to attack the IHR, not Carto. If any more evidence were needed, the attorney who filed the suit for the Hereford Corporation, David Stroud, works out of the offices of J. Brian Urtnowski and Associates. Brian Urtnowski is, of course, Carto’s long-time attorney in California. No wonder there was a less-than-vigorous defense against this suit!