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Carto must pay

February 8, 2000

Today, Judge John Hargrove of the US Bankruptcy Court in San Diego ruled that because there was malice involved when the Cartos diverted money from the Legion for the Survival of Freedom, parent corporation of the Institute for Historical Review, the Cartos will not be able to discharge the millions they owe the Legion through their bankruptcy proceedings: they still owe every penny. (Read the full decision.)

This ruling goes farther than Judge Hargrove’s previous decision of April 26, 1999, in which he found that Carto owed $6.43 million to LSF/IHR (despite filing for bankruptcy) for other reasons. (Read the LSF/IHR press release on the April 1999 ruling.)

Note of May 8, 2000:

After learning that he was on the hook for millions to the LSF/IHR, Carto hurriedly took steps to cooperate with LSF/IHR in reaching a settlement agreement. (Read the first and second LSF/IHR press releases on the May 2000 ruling.)