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Cartos Acknowledge Multi-Million Dollar Debt to LSF

July 7, 2000

Willis and Elisabeth Carto have received approval from the US Bankruptcy Court in San Diego, California, of a stipulated judgment against them in the amount of $11,725,472.22, payable to Legion for the Survival of Freedom, parent corporation of the Institute for Historical Review.

This stipulated judgment supercedes an February 2000 Bankruptcy Court order that determined that the Cartos owed this amount to LSF/IHR due to embezzlement. Neither the February 2000 court order nor the May 8, 2000, stipulated judgment are dischargeable by the Cartos in bankruptcy.

The acceptance of this stipulated judgment also means that the settlement agreement between LSF/IHR on one hand and the Cartos, Furrs, and Liberty Lobby on the other, is now in force.