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LSF Sues American Free Press to Recover Stolen Assets

December 20, 2002

For years the IHR and its parent corporation have been trying to recover millions of dollars embezzled by Willis and Elizabeth Carto. Their theft, and their lies and evasions to cover their theft, are thoroughly documented. (See here)

To hide stolen assets, the Cartos have for years made use of dupes and sincere but misled people in laundering millions of dollars through the now-defunct Liberty Lobby. More recently, they have been carrying out similar activities through American Free Press, a paper that is a successor to the old Spotlight weekly.

Recently we brought a lawsuit against American Free Press to recover stolen property. We named Michael Piper, Vince Ryan, Chris Petherick and Jim Tucker in this suit. Even though American Free Press has published numerous smears against the IHR, we have no real fight with the paper or those four men — except for their involvement with the illegal theft of Liberty Lobby assets. What we want from American Free Press is simple:

  1. Return the $680,000 stolen from Liberty Lobby subscribers.
  2. Agree to a fair use of the mailing lists.

More than a year ago we tried to resolve this dispute quietly and peacefully. They refused even to speak with us. We still want to settle.

It’s not complicated. They can give us a call.