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This Web site is the central location for information about Willis Allison Carto and Elisabeth Oldemeier Carto, embezzlers and patriots for profit. The motivation for exposing the Cartos and their activities to the light they shun is not born from their ruination and despoilation of the American right wing and populist political scene, although there is little argument that they have done just that. Rather, proceeding from the belief that the People always get the government they deserve, the populists and right wingers who have allied themselves with Carto over the years have gotten what they deserve.

But the Cartos for many years have been despoiling another area of interest, that of true historical revisionism in the United States. Much of their energy since 1993 has been to rule or ruin revisionism, primarily by destroying the Institute for Historical Review. Ironically, Willis Carto was a co-founder of the IHR, which grew to be not only the premier revisionist publisher of its kind in the world, but also into the instrument of Carto’s eventual destruction.

In 1993, the Cartos, who neither understood revisionism nor appreciated it on any level, apparently calculated that they had gotten as much money from revisionism as was possible to get, and embarked on a quest to sabotage the strong, vibrant, and ever-growing worldwide revisionist movement by eviscerating the Institute for Historical Review.

But the Cartos failed to realize that the people committed to revisionism, people such as Mark Weber, Robert Faurisson, and Arthur Butz, would not stand idly by while Carto threw away their lives’ work. In 1993, after Willis Carto had promised an end to the scholarly revisionism embodied by the IHR, a small band of loyal revisionists began the arduous process of separating the parasitic Cartos from their revisionist host. Only then did they discover the damage Carto had done already to revisionism.

The Cartos’ campaign to rule or ruin the IHR and the revisionist movement continues to this day. At virtually every step, the Cartos have underestimated the abilities and tenacity of revisionists, who despite being outnumbered and undercapitalized, have won every important engagement to date. Whether you love revisionism, hate revisionism, or couldn’t care less about it, you are sure to be fascinated by the study of the couple who have done more than any other persons, living or dead, to stamp it out: embezzlers Willis and Elisabeth Carto.

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It has been said that those who are innocent want all the facts to become available, knowing that once the facts are available, they will be exonerated. Conversely, those who are guilty do everything in their power to hide the facts (note, for examples, the behaviors of Bill Clinton and O. J. Simpson). This site is dedicated to putting as much information into the public domain as possible about Willis Carto’s attacks on the LSF/IHR. If you want to compare this information against that being put out by the Carto side, see his web sites:

The Spotlight

Every week The Spotlight provides readers with news that otherwise would be printed nowhere. And small wonder: many of the articles are either inventions, lies, or both! Wire services and other newspapers often will not print real news that is important to you, and neither will The Spotlight. This has been proven this time and again. The Spotlight is the demented voice of Willis Carto, the executive publisher of The Spotlight.

Supposedly out of business as of July 10, 2001. Carto has looted Spotlight/Liberty Lobby and absconded with the assets to American Free Press.

American Free Press

Established after the publicized (but not actual) closure of Liberty Lobby, and the cessation of publication of The Spotlight, American Free Press claims to be completely independent of Liberty Lobby and Carto … only, everyone who used to be at Liberty Lobby is at American Free Press, and they’re using the Spotlight mailing list, and who knows what other Liberty Lobby assets? He may claim otherwise, but Carto is there. Even Mark Lane is there!


The Barnes Review

Bi-monthly magazine that promises to bring history into accord with the facts, but fails miserably. No other magazine in the English language compares with TBR — it’s that bad! Every issue, its pages are filled with jejune material known to every schoolboy, presented as revelation. It’s about as revisionist as an encyclopedia. Willis Carto is the Publisher of The Barnes Review, so if you want real historical insights, you must look elsewhere.


Willis Carto

Carto’s own disinformation site has been high-jacked by one of his many enemies. How long do you think it will be before Carto sues the person behind this site, as he has sued us for the material you are reading here?


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