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The Cartos — Personal Information

Willis Allison Carto

Willis Allison Carto
Willis Allison Carto

DOB: 7/17/26
SS#: 311-24-4945 (one of many*)
CDL: D0061255

Willis has written under many pen names, among them Samuel P. Foner, Frank Tompkins, John Henry, J. W. Young, and E.L. Anderson, PhD (among others). It is also possible that he has used the name A. Client.

* He has used several different social security numbers.

Elisabeth Carto

DOB: 9/25/37
SS#: 563-56-8309
CDL: K0387628

Elisabeth has been known to bill herself as Elisabeth Waltraud, Elisabeth Oldemeier, and Elisabeth Waltraud Martin. Elisabeth was born in Germany. She is probably still a citizen of Germany.

Motor vehicles (partial list)

Willis used to drive a gray 1985 Oldsmobile, license number 1NCZ352.

Elisabeth used to drive a Cadillac Coupe de Ville, California license 2VLC157.

Both vehicles were registered to the GEF.

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