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Willis Carto — Where He Works

American Free Press

As of July 2001, Carto has absconded with the assets of Liberty Lobby (see below), despite the lien on them by LSF/IHR, and is using them at his new outfit, American Free Press at 1433 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, DC.

American Free Press location

Liberty Lobby (now somewhat out of date)

As with his other utterances, Carto’s story changes regarding his official role and/or title at Liberty Lobby, based in Washington, DC. However, it is clear that whether he calls himself the treasurer or the CEO, Carto runs things with an iron fist.

The Liberty Lobby’s main product is a weekly tabloid called The Spotlight, circulation just under 100,000, as of November 1995. The Spotlight, which claims to tells its readers who REALLY controls the world, doesn't even tell its readers who REALLY runs The Spotlight! That’s right, Carto’s name and likeness are kept out of the pages of The Spotlight as much as possible. He isn't even listed on the masthead.

If you've been paying attention, you will have noticed that Carto, who claims he makes so little money that he doesn't need to file an income tax return, lives nearly 2,400 miles from where he works. Don't you wish you could avoid filing income tax statements, live in a mansion in Southern California, and take a jet to work? His wife must be the one making all the money, because she drives a Cadillac, wears expensive designer dresses and a Cartier watch, and travels to Europe fairly regularly. Maybe Elisabeth is the one who really owns his house — AND the apartment in Washington, DC, where they stay when they're in town.

Liberty Lobby location

Work locations

Willis is the CEO, treasurer, and a member of the board of directors of Liberty Lobby. Elisabeth is a signatory on a Liberty Lobby checking account at National Capital Bank.

Carto also runs the Barnes Review and who knows what else from another one of his offices in southern California.

Carto’s Southern California office