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Writings by Willis and Elisabeth Carto

Ever notice that often when Carto claims to have written something, he hasn’t, and if he has written something, he publishes under an alias? What the heck do you think is going on there?

Carto is known to write under the names E. L. Anderson, PhD, John Henry (the name of the black folk hero), Frank Tompkins, and Sanford Griffith, among others.

And then there’s Elisabeth Carto, whose grasp of the facts is just as tenuous as Willis’. This doesn’t stop her from lying, though. Here’s an exchange of correspondence:

And then, there’s Willis himself:

  • Willis Carto’s proposed settlement agreement (5/29/2001). This amazing document will leave you wondering why Carto isn’t wearing a straitjacket inside a padded room. Among its highlights, in paragraph 4 he offers to trust and do business with Andrew Allen, who Carto for years has mendaciously been calling a CIA agent, in paragraph 5 he shows his utter stupidity regarding the amount of money owed under the first settlement agreement he broke (he’s off by about $673,000!), in paragraph 7 he promises to pay with money from an estate he has already assigned to us as part of the first agreement, and in paragraph 8 he proposes that a known liar and document forger join be appointed director of the IHR (a man who calls himself Gregory Douglas)! Paragraph 8 also shows that Carto has been lying for years about how the IHR was taken over by CIA or the Mossad or the Church of Scientology, as he offers to publish an announcement of solidarity and mutual respect for the IHR in The SPOTLIGHT. Finally, paragraph 8 shows once again that Carto is lying in claiming that Greg Raven has any connection with the Church of Scientology, the CIA, Mossad, etc.: Carto wants Weber out, but doesn’t even mention Raven!
  • Willis Carto, lying to SPOTLIGHT readers again, about why he’s getting his ass kicked in court (5/21/2001). Carto acknowledges 1) that his private detective has failed to find ANY evidence connecting Greg Raven with Scientology, 2) that he for years made claims about ADL and CIA involvement in IHR affairs without ANY proof whatsoever, and 3) that he and Liberty Lobby are almost certainly assets of some intelligence outfit, such as the CIA or the Mossad. Great material for seeing how Carto’s mind (such as it is) works.
  • How Carto publicized the rift between himself and the IHR. Given the above, you’d think that the last person to say anything in public would be Willis Carto. That’s a logical conclusion to reach, but it’s also completely wrong.
  • Carto expresses mystification over the turn his life has taken (Jan. 25, 2001. Carto writes to a member of the LSF board of directors, using his typical distortions, omissions, and just plain lies, in an effort to exculpate himself. See also our analysis of this letter.
  • How Carto Plagiarizes. Carto has virtually charged former IHR editor Theodore J. O’Keefe with the murder of Leon Degrelle, a lie so breath-taking one wonders at the sanity of Carto. Yet, when Carto wanted to write about Degrelle, whom did he plagiarize? Why, O’Keefe, of course!
  • Cultural Dynamics, by E. L. Anderson, PhD. One of many attempts by Carto to appear erudite. Note how Carto, who presumes to know more about law than lawyers, more about medicine than doctors, more about history than historians, and more about economics than an economist, adopts the decidedly un-Populist title of doctor to push forward this meaningless twaddle as if he was presenting the results of years of research. Check out what he writes about himself in the introduction, and keep in mind while reading the bibliography that Carto probably hasn’t read any of these books: if so, he certainly didn’t retain much of anything beyond their title and author. If the clunky and ham-handed writing style doesn’t give away the authorship of this piece, check out the close paragraphs, wherein Carto can’t resist taking cheap shots at others.
  • The Upright Spike. For many years, Carto has been attempting to peddle the idea that the economy is going to peak out, with a huge crash to follow. Well, it may happen, but Carto’s careful analysis of the factors involved must have missed something, because he has missed his deadline for this monster crash at least three times so far. Here is a sample of Carto economic wisdom.
  • Introduction to Imperium. What? You say you’ve read Carto’s introduction toYockey’s Imperium, and you think the author makes some good points? You’re right, the author does make some good points. Trouble is, the author isn’t Carto. The true author was Revilo Oliver, who for various reasons didn’t want to be associated with this book. Carto took advantage of this by rewriting it with all the finesse of a graverobber, and then attached his own name to it.
  • Carto’s listing in Who’s Who. See what the man has to say about himself.
  • Carto on the dangers of publicizing the rift between himself and the IHR. Given Carto’s track record, you might think that he is on the record as being foursquare for a massive public mud-slinging campaign. You’d be wrong. Carto has two standards: One for everyone else, and a completely different one for himself.
  • Carto’s sophistry on the September 11 attacks, posted 9/16 and 9/26. Who told this guy that he’s capable of correctly analyzing anything?
  • Carto’s offer to hire goons to strong-arm a friend’s adversary — without understanding any of the details behind the dispute. You’d think that Carto would have learned his lesson, after his failed attempt to take over the IHR with hired goons. You’d be wrong.