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Letter from Joe Fields to Alex Curtis

Subject: Don't Count Carto Out
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 08:34:07 +0900


Hi Alex:

Whenever I hear about the $500,000 or so Carto Estate (in 1996 the LA Times reported on his multi-million dollar secured estate) I smell a KIKE in the woodpile because I've been to this so called 'estate' with no front yard and its jerrybuilt house. Oh, so it does have a swimming pool for purposes of Willis’s health and exercise. So what!!!. The people running the Institution for Histrionic Reprobates (IHR) are ecstatic over their emancipation by Carto from their old carwash jobs and have learned just one thing from their new Lords, The JEW WORLD WHOREDER, and that is that BOLSHEVIC means Those who want more. And the KIKE in the woodpile has them in fits of anticipation. Why they shall have more.

There’s the Carto Estate, The Liberty Lobby’s prime real estate 2 blocks from the Capital Building of the JewSA in Washington, D.C., and don't forget the millions stolen and stashed away in the Bahamas.

What the KIKE in the woodpile hasn't told them is that the Carto 'Estate' is not owned by the Carto’s and that the PRIME Liberty Lobby building in Washington, D.C. was sold by the Liberty Lobby in 1991 for $400,000 to pay for previous Jew World Whoreder litigation against the Liberty Lobby so as to save the Reprobates jobs. The Reprobates are so ecstatic in their greed that they can't see that the IHR is obsolete and has been replaced by dozens of organizations, each with their own website and publications. The KIKE needs the Reprobates, at least until the Liberty Lobby falls.

But then the KIKE’s real problems begin as the sheeple will undoubtedly awaken. And alas, even KIKES know that a Reprobate is beyond salvation. All you enemies of KIKEs out there, don't count Carto out yet. He’s bound to have some friends in high places. If he doesn't, GOD help us ARYANS!!

Keep up your good work and straight thinking and good advice, Alex.

Joe [Fields]

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