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Letter from Joe Fields to Alex Curtis

Subject: Willis Carto a Cool Cat
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 08:11:10 +0900

Hi Alex,

I just got back from having lunch with Willis Carto, read your nationalist Forum, now I will let you and your subscribers know exactly what I got right from the horse’s mouth.

Carto really looks good. He is so well tanned, that I thought he must have just returned from a vacation in The Bahamas. He looks and acts like he hasn't a worry in the world. I then proceeded with my interview, so here’s the scoop.

The worst thing that could happen is that the Courts could put Liberty Lobby in receivership and appoint someone from IHR as administrator who might proclaim Mark Weber as Editor of the Spotlight. This would gain the IHR nothing, as Liberty Lobby has no money and no property, only the Spotlight and its subscription list. The name 'Spotlight' is not even owned be the Liberty Lobby but is Public Domain. They would then have to come up with the money to run the Spotlight, which would be futile because its readership would desert them in droves. Nothing could be done to Willis Carto, since as the Court has stated, he has done nothing illegal. Willis would then, with a little hard work, start up a new weekly right wing publication which he would call 'The Spotlight' without missing one week of publication. The bad part is that the Liberty Lobby would then be run by the Reprobates as a a pro-Zionist John Birch Society type organization.

However, this would cause its supporters to abandon it. The worst mistake Willis Carto made, by his own admission, was the founding of his Sun Radio Network. He didn't realize that Radio, as all media, relies completely on advertising for its income and that the JEWS control 100% percent of the advertising agencies of the World, and that they control 100% of the media by controlling advertising. He claims that this misfortune ate up the bulk of the fortune he inherited from Jean Farrel. It was his lack of record keeping that got him in trouble, although the Court says in its records that Carto did nothing illegal.

Now, according to Carto, someone is paying the high priced Washington Attorney for The Institute of Histrionic Reprobates, Darrel Clark, big bucks to keep this litigation pressure on him. He thinks the fundraising is done by Morris Dee’s SPLC. The Spotlight is coming out with this story in Thursday’s edition so I won't bore you with the rest. Anyway, all you Spotlight readers, don't worry, Carto is alive and well. The Reprobates think they're going to end up in KIKE heaven with the fortune at the end of the rainbow. Remember, there is no Salvation for a Reprobate.

Thanks, and keep up the great work,

Joe [Fields]

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