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Harvey Taylor responds to a mendacious SPOTLIGHT article

From: Harvey A. Taylor <hataylor@syix.com>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 08:35:49 -0700
Subject: Spotlight 5/18/01

[This article is] Clearly a product of Willis Carto, a crook according to Revilo Oliver. I am one of the Directors of the Legion for the Survival of Freedom, parent to the IHR. Carto acquired control of the Farrel estate bequest to the IHR and failed to inform the Directors of his actions. He subsequently expended funds from the Farrel bequest without the authorization of the Board. He concocted fraudulent minutes of a Board meeting which never took place. During that imaginary Board meeting I allegedly voted to turn over to Carto’s exclusive contol the entire bequest. I testified under oath that I had never attended such a board meeting. The Board of Directors authorized and directed the current staff at the IHR to pursue every legal means to recover the Farrel funds. No one at the IHR is on the Zionist payroll. Examine the Journal of Historical Review and tell me that the Zionists would support its publication! Recently, Carto published a story in The SPOTLIGHT inferring that I was an unwitting patriotic dupe of the staff, however he erred when he included my telephone number. I received some fifty telephone calls from all over the country and was able to tell the other side of the story. The callers evidently called Spotlight with questions. The following week in the Spotlight I became a conspirator — an amazing 180 degree transformation in the space of a week.

I am a retired commercial pilot interested in many historical matters. I am particularly interested in the falsification of history relative to events in Europe during this century, in particular, the Holocaust. The Holocaust story has divided the west and is in part the basis for our Euro-American decline. Undoubtedly there are those who support it and Israel since it provides a tool for separating jews from their interest in international socialism. My view is that if support for Israel and the Holocaust is required to prevent the jews from further subverting our culture then we are better off without them. We are pleased that Ted O’Keefe is back with us and highly value his skills and judgment. By the way, the Directors of the Legion for the Survival of Freedom serve without compensation. Remember the USS Liberty!

Harvey A. Taylor
PO Box 173