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Rich Salzer contacts us about Carto’s lies (5/24/2001)

To: Mark Weber
From: Rich Salzer, Historical Review Library
Subject: In Touch II (the sequel continues)

[…] As for Carto and his lying lapdog, Piper-Collins (or whatever …) {At a first amendment rally on Capitol Hill in Sept. '96 he told me eyeball-to-eyeball that his real name is Bernard, but he hates it because his mother and aunt used to call him that, as well as Barnabus, after the crafty character on the Dark Shadows show as a kid. Hmmm … maybe that’s why he is so afraid of the masonic connection to the JFK assassination?!}, please feel free to circulate, or mention my name vis-a-vis my rebuttals to the ridiculous articles in The SPOTLIGHT or TBR [The Barnes Review] in which they try to make out I'm on their side vs. LSF-IHR. I NEVER WROTE that Greg tried to convert me to Scientology!

One morning I called Carto about another matter and mentioned that on RFA, on Sunday night, the previous day, I heard someone say that Marcellus tried to convert that individual TO SCIENTOLOGY. When I asked Carto if he heard that (knowing full well that Carto / Piper probably listen to every show), Carto got extremely nervous and said R-rich, I-I've gotta goI'lltalktoyoulater!!! {I ran all those words together on purpose for emphasis!} Obviously Carto was nervous: I called his bluff on something. Well, keep in touch, 'cause I know I will. […]

Rich Salzer, HRL

P.S. Stay-tuned for my magnum opus of a blast at Carto, SPOTLIGHT lies, Piper-Collins & say hi to Greg + Ron + Ted!