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American Free Press

Unfortunately, They Have Failed The Nuttiness Test

2/9/02 1:47:32 PM
Bill White

Commentary — I met Willis Carto a few weeks ago — January 16th-ish I think it was (I'll have to look it up). Soon after, I wrote a brief and somewhat amusing summary of the event, designed to humanize Mr Carto and his group, justify my involvement with them (they, at the time, were offering to have me write for them), and generally introduce you fellas, my readers, to them, as they had just done an interview with me. As my long-time readers know, I do this when I meet people, and I do it in part to see how they react, in order to determine whether or not they are insane. People who are not insane will generally write me to the effect of I didn't quite mean for my words to be used in that fashion, but let’s overlook it and try to work together. People who are insane will respond violently and angrily — either absolutely refusing to talk to me any more, or writing and publishing loud and angry denunciations of me. American Free Press has taken the first course, and thus has, unfortunately, failed the nuttiness test.

There are some people who find me very suspicious in the way I conduct myself with others. Some folk with whom I was discussing this wrote emails to me and said If you want to do business with Carto, why would the first thing you do be to insult him? Now, I disagree with the characterization of what I said as an insult — but that’s the exact point. If I publish something mildly revealing and not particularly negative about someone and they take that as an insult to them — particularly if they takes that as a very strong and deeply personal insult to them, that is an indication that they is not all there. Crazy people cannot stand anything being said about them that they did not approve — they believe it is all part of the conspiracy against them. Normal people recognize that bad motives don't underlie every social gaffe. It is the most important and clearest differentiation between the two.

During my conversation with Carto he said a number of things that I could have picked on. He praised Hitler on several occasions and asked me often how familiar I was with the Third Reich period in Germany. Now I don't personally particularly care for Hitler, or at least the portrayals of him I'm aware of, and I'm not sure the Third Reich is a place I would like to live, but I recognize that intelligent people can differ on such things. In fact, one of the things I got in my mail today is a copy of a book that I ordered on Carto’s suggestion called Stalin’s War of Extermination, by Joachim Hoffman, which details the efforts by the government of Stalin and the Russian Bolsheviks to racially exterminate and ethnically cleanse the German people from Eastern Europe and Eastern Germany / Prussia during the war.

Personally, I found Carto to be very friendly, and not overtly insane. He did say a few things though that made me raise my eyebrow. For instance, he asked me if I thought Matt Hale, of the World Church of the Creator, was a Jew. He then told me that William Pierce worked for the FBI. There were a few other odd statements interspersed in the conversation that made me think — either he knows something I don't, or he’s nuts.

Now being nuts is not something I hold against people. I, personally, am nuts — in fact I would describe my politics as being somewhere on the fruity ntucase wing of politics. I think once that you establish your nuts its a lot easier to say what you have to think rather than trying to conform what you believe to the alien power structure’s definition of mainstream. However, if you call me nuts, I won't be particularly offended by it, and my nuttiness is not a deeply held conviction — one of the complaints, particularly of nutty, obsessed girls that have on occassion stalked me as fans of my writing, is that in my personally life I am disappointingly normal and rather conservative and proper in how I conduct myself with others.

In contrast, the person who is nuts and does not know he is nuts is terminally unreliable. They will often make strange accusations against others, and one of the key factors in those accusations is that they are unreliable and unpredictable in who they make them against. A man who is willing to call someone else a Mossad agent or a CIA agent without any real evidence is as likely to call me a Mossad agent or a CIA agent as anyone else. However, the fact that someone is calling other people a Mossad agent and a CIA agent doesn't mean they aren't — in fact, I can share a story on this.

When I was in high school, people would repeatedly evaluate me to determine if I was nuts. I would take personality tests and the rest, and I would always score high but not abnormal on two traits — paranoia and aggression. Note that doesn't mean I'm paranoid or pathologically aggressive. In fact, one of the reports reads like this (to paraphrase):

When asked why he endorsed items like my teacher are plotting against me, Mr White produced a memo, which he stated had been pilfered from the school’s front office, signed by the teacher’s advisory committee, asking the principal to make changes in the school’s policies on freedom of speech based on a recent statement he had made to the student body.

I still have a copy of that memo bouncing around somewhere in my files.

So just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that people aren't out to get me, right?

And one has to admit that the Liberty Lobby has often gotten the story right.

That said, I needed to know if Carto was insane, not only for general reference, but also to evaluate his accusations against this Weber fellow, because in the Liberty Lobby-Weber dispute I smell a story. I am not quite sure what to make of the dispute, and I have no comment on it as of yet. However, I am convinced that many if not most of the accusations Carto is making against IHR — that they are secretly CIA and Mossad agents and that Scientology is being run by Israel and the like — are lacking in evidence if nothing else. That doesn't mean I can't find the evidence, because in some cases some of the information does have material out there supporting it, but separating the crap from the good stuff is not clear, and Carto’s interpretation of it is more angry assertions than it is substantial accusations.

That said, I would still deal with Carto even if he was nutty, and I would keep his nuttiness mostly to myself, because a paycheck from a nutty person is as good at the bank as a paycheck from a non-nutty person, and my material is always good. However, I have now sent him three 750-word pieces for publication, all of them good, none of them have been published, and his folk haven't returned my emails since about three or four days after I met them, so I am assuming that they aren't interested in continuing the relationship, and have simply not had the courtesy to inform me that is the case.

This is a shame, because I do like the American Free Press newspaper — all of the material is interesting, and as much of it is true as any other newspaper, if not more. However, for me to say that the culture of their organization is not on the nutty side of the scale would be a lie.

As additional evidence of nuttiness, I would point out that this horrible CIA-Mossad-ADL plot against them which has led to them losing the Liberty Lobby is almost exactly like the horrible CIA-Mossad-ADL plot against them which caused them to lose the National Youth Alliance, telling me that they have fallen for the exact same CIA-Mossad-ADL plot twice, which is an indicator of possible nuttiness, and, having examined things like the Church of Scientology, and looking at the material they sent me from the Barnes Review today, I can say that to reduce the Church of Scientology to a CIA-Mossad-ADL plot strikes me as being an accusation that is simply lacking in foundation — the Church of Scientology is a conspiracy in and of itself.

In fact, even though there is no question that the CIA and the Zionist have plotted to seize control of the US government, the reductionist claim that therefore every reverse one suffers personally in life is the result of a CIA-Zionist plot is a nutty one, and I think a razor need to be implied to differentiate between the two. Saying something like Richard Perle was dismissed from government service in the 1970s for illegally passing information to the government of Israel is a verifiable statement. Stating that this personal reverse I've had, like all personal reverses I've had, is a plot against me by the Israeli government is not — it’s a bit like David Duke’s claim that the Israeli government tried to poison him on an airliner during a stopover in Israel — it is without foundation.

I don't mean to blast Carto too bad, because I believe he is sincere in what he believes, and that he does what he does without ulterior motive, but I find too little justification for his claims to substantiate much of the accusations he puts out, and I find that in my limited (but so far surefire in all the times I've used it) test of how he and his organization have interacted with me, that I have to put him on the slightly more nutty and paranoid than not side of the fringe spectrum — somewhere around the LaRouche level of nuttiness, where he has interesting things to say, but has a tendency to take them too far, overblow his own importance in things, and make accusations about what is happening in the world that are not substantiated by any facts or knowledge, but just loose and often inaccurate surmises.

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