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Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 16:22:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Walter Mueller <thetruthisback@yahoo.com>
Subject: Patriot Letter

Dear Fellow Patriot!

It’s been almost a week since the last Patriot Letter! I thought I'll give you guys a break. Just kidding! Actually, I took this time to take an extensive look into the Carto-IHR dispute. It confirmed almost everything that I've said in my Patriot Letter about Intellectual and Street Revisionism.


It started out quite innocently when the Adelaide Institute/Frederick Töben posted the Butz-Faurisson comments whether or not revisionism was doomed. Now I am thankful to Mr. Töben, because it made it possible for people like me, who have not been familiar with the Carto/IHR dispute, to make up our minds.

In the process of the web discussion, Mr. Töben also posted messages from Elisabeth Carto. In fact, four. Elisabeth Carto is the wife of Willis Carto, formerly of The Spotlight and now of Barnes Review. Mrs. Carto has chosen to be the spokesperson for both. Initially I was surprised, as were a few others, that Mr. Töben allowed such personal, vicious and vindictive messages.

I do not like to get into the particulars about the IHR/Carto legalities, however, later on in this letter I will give a link for you to check out.

Mrs. Carto chose not to participate in the discussion about the trouble with revisionism, but rather took the entire issue down to the gutter. Again, let me do a disclaimer. I have not been nor am I now a member of the IHR. I've met Mark Weber and Greg Raven for the first time at the IHR Conference in June of 2002. And, no, I have not received any pay-off from any of the IHR board of directors, as Mrs. Carto alleges in an e-mail, personally directed to me. Nevertheless, I have had some run-ins with the Carto mob a few months back, when I defended the IHR in Community News.

Then, Mrs. Carto (it seems like her husband doesn't have the guts to respond) sent me a letter to the editor, where she viciously attacked my character without having ever talked to me or having met me.

She seems to have not changed the low and disgusting tone today. All four of her e-mails where inundated with name-calling, innuendos and lies.

I am going to be brutally honest about this issue and I really don't care how many of the revisionists will ask to be taken off my e-mail list.

I might not have much experience with the intellectual circle of revisionists, however, there is one thing I am quite good at, and that’s fighting the scum. As a matter of fact, I've become an expert.

And here is why. In the process of fighting the Jews I have also had to fight the many programs the Jews have implemented in inner-city neighborhoods, including multi-culturism, illegal immigration and the anti-gun movement. Because of that my home has been fire bombed and once pipe bombed. In addition, a band of blacks, after beating me, cut of my index finger, just for fun. So, I am pretty experienced when it comes to dealing with people like the Cartos.

After researching the IHR/Carto dispute, it is without a doubt that I can say the truth, the ethics and the morals are on the side of the IHR. You can do so yourself by going on to:


Elisabeth Carto’s e-mails in the last 14 days are full with lies. Therefore, I was surprised on how many of the revisionists side with the villains. But, it turns out that it is much worse. There are actually those who publicly announce their plans, once the IHR has been destroyed. These are people who can't even keep up with their personal lives and have to reply heavily on you and me to finance their failing endeavors. They are like a bunch of vultures, waiting until the lion died.

Believe me, the Carto mob is an embarrassment to revisionism. Their aim is so low that they can't see the gutter. Their motives are so evil and their weapons are lies and deceit. And, interestingly, they attack anyone who speaks out against them. Doesn't that remind you of someone? From Dr. Robert Faurrison to Ernst Zündel, the Carto mob has attacked them all.

Although I've already made up my mind, but when finally IHR director Mark Weber responded to two weeks of innuendo and lies, I realized that this was the ultimate proof that the truth lies with the IHR. Ever heard of something like class? Well, Mark Weber has it. While Elisabeth Carto’s comments overflowed with personal accusations, Mark Weber’s response was that of one who doesn't have to engage in name-calling, because the truth is on his side.

I just don't understand, once one has examined the facts, why people would still support someone whose only defense are lies and name-calling. Again, doesn't that remind you of someone?

To those who have used the IHR/Carto dispute to publicly announce their plans to take over once the IHR has fallen, shame on you! It will never happen because the Carto’s big mistake is to treat us like the Jews have been treating us for 60 years.

You should also take example on revisionists such as Ernst Zündel, Dr. Robert Faurisson, etc. etc., whose behavior is above those who have stuped so low to take pride on one’s misery. I suppose everyone is on their little power trip, right folks?

I recommend to those who still don't know or are still not sure, go research for yourself. Contact the IHR. They'll give you any document you need. Then, try the same with the Carto Mob and you will see, all you'll get there is name-calling and lies.

Walter F. Mueller
The truth is back in business