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  • Minutes of the LSF Special Meeting of July 6, 1979. There is no evidence to support Willis Carto’s claim to have founded the IHR. This document shows who did.
  • Letter from Jean Farrel to the Institute for Historical Review (8/19/1983). Farrel is contacting us to announce that she wants to leave her considerable fortune to the IHR.
  • Letter from Jean Farrel to Willis Carto (12/27/1983). Farrel says that she has set up NECA Corporation to hold millions of dollars of her assets. NECA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LSF, so that on Farrel’s death, the assets in NECA Corporation are supposed to come seamlessly under our control.
  • Letter from Jean Farrel to Willis Carto (9/2/83). Jean Farrel makes crystal clear that the money is not for Carto personally, but for the IHR. Also note that Farrel confirms she is going to contact a person recommended by Carto to set up a trust. This trust proved to be set up incorrectly, thanks in large part to Carto, so that after Farrel’s death, funds that were supposed to go to the IHR instead went to a friend of Jean Farrel’s.
  • Letter from Jean Farrel to Willis Carto (10/17/83). Farrel has met with the person Carto recommended, and is thrilled to structure her affairs in a way she thinks will give the IHR the bulk of her assets, which at the time of her death were just over 24 million USD! Can you imagine what the IHR could have done with $24 million, plus the interest since 1985?
  • Letter from Willis Carto to Jean Farrel (10/27/83). Carto acknowledges having clout with a bank in Zurich (!), and admits to setting up an entity (CDLL), whose sole purpose it is to hold Liberty Lobby assets to defraud creditors and potential creditors.
  • Last Will of Jean Farrel, Edison (1/16/84). Willis Carto is not mentioned, but the LSF is.
  • Minutes of Special Meeting of Stockholders (9/16/85). Willis Carto signs this document, acknowledging that the Farrel money is held by a corporation that is owned by the LSF, that Jean Farrel meant for all of her money to go to the LSF, and that the LSF would take strong measures to protect these funds from anyone who attempted to take them from the LSF. How correct he turned out to be!
  • Letter from Willis Carto to Mitsui Bank (11/14/1985). Carto again clearly states that Farrel’s assets in NECA Corporation are wholly-owned by LSF.
  • Letter from Willis Carto to Swiss attorney Maurice Cruchon (11/16/1985). Carto makes clear that NECA Corporation, containing the Farrel assets, are part of LSF, and that he, Carto, is working on behalf of LSF to secure the corporation’s assets, not his own (as he now claims).