Willis Carto archive

Including information about his associates

Willis Carto’s published attacks on the LSF/IHR

No sooner had Carto urged everyone else to avoid publicity of his on-going efforts to destroy the LSF/IHR, than he himself began a massive and relentless public and private campaign to smear the LSF/IHR. Anyone doubting this is directed to the following, though woefully incomplete, listing of articles that have appeared in Carto’s tabloid weekly, The SPOTLIGHT. Of course, these attacks are in addition to Carto’s multiple lawsuits, voluminous private utterances and correspondence, personal assaults, and malicious pranks. Some links to additional information have been added.

The Barnes Review attacks from 2002
Date Title
07/08 Personal from the Editor
American Free Press attacks from 2002
Date Title
03/15 Anti-Muslim rhetoric sounds like Tel Aviv (with commentary by Bill White)
American Free Press attacks from 2001
Date Title
12/01 Defamation suit filed by populist publisher
11/27 Institute for Historical Review sued!
11/11 Where’s my subscription money?

Patriot Activist Plans Class Action Lawsuit To Recoup Lost Subscription Money


Bin Laden’s 'Freedom Fighters' Funded, Trained, Armed by CIA

Spotlight attacks from 2001
Date Title
06/29 Bankruptcy Courts Teeming with Corruption
06/29 Weber, Raven Plan to Sell Liberty Lobby List to ADL [See also: IHR response to this smear]
06/19 Liberty Lobby Goes Chapter 11, Again
06/19 Key to Truth About Oklahoma City Bombing May Be Enigmatic West German Immigrant
06/11 Spotlight on Mark Weber: Who Would Do That to His Own Kids?
05/28 Spotlight on Greg Raven: Conspirator Funded by 'The Beast'?
05/24 Settlement Negotiations Collapse
05/18 Gun for Hire [e-mailed to the SPOTLIGHT e-mail list]
04/23 Liberty Lobby Lives!
04/02 April 9: D-Day for Liberty Lobby?
04/02 Are YOU Still Puzzled by What’s Going On?
04/02 Are You Receiving Mystery Fundraising Letters?
04/02 BOP Information & Ordering Form
04/02 Reports of Fed Cover-Up at Oklahoma City Won't Die
04/02 Support the Efforts to Preserve Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT
03/26 Spotlight on Mark Weber: Quoth the Raven: Weber Nevermore
03/19 Spotlight on Mark Weber: Is Weber Sabotaging Revisionism?
02/25 'Get-Rich-Quick' Attorney Betrays Clients
02/19 Spotlight on Mark Weber: Famous Historian Might Get Fired
02/12 A Ten-Point Program to Ensure the Survival of Liberty Lobby and The Spotlight
02/12 New Plan to Rescue Liberty Lobby
02/12 Spotlight on Mark Weber: Weber Found His Guru in the African Desert
02/05 Are You in Mark Weber’s Secret File?
02/05 Good News, But Fight Far from Over
01/29 Important Notice
01/29 We Refuse to Surrender to Enemies
01/29 Weber’s Buddy: JDL Chief Irv Rubin
01/22 Conspirator Exposed
01/22 Attacks Violate 1st Amendment Rights
01/22 How You Can Help Save The Spotlight!
01/22 'Get-Rich-Quick' Attorney Betrayed Client, Cause
01/22 Important Notice!
01/15 Emergency Situation Not Over
01/15 Insider Reveals New Facts about Weber & Cronies
01/15 January 22 — The Spotlight’s Last Day?
01/15 Judge for Yourself: Is Allen a CIA Asset or Not?
01/15 Plot to Destroy Liberty Lobby Implicates Reputed CIA Figure(s) in OKC Bomb Intrigue
01/01 Liberty Lobby Down, but Not Out
Spotlight attacks from 2000
Date Title
12/31 Judge Says: Seize Liberty Lobby
12/25 Liberty Lobby Takes Action against Conspirators
11/27 Paper With CIA, FBI Ties Smears Liberty Lobby
11/20 A Special Report to BOP Members
09/25 Bad Judgment Challenged in Court
05/15 IHR Update
03/20 Liberty Lobby beats the odds again
Spotlight attacks from 1999
Date Title
01/18 News You May Have Missed: Deal with the Devil
02/08 Letters: Where’s Weber?
03/22 IHR Update: March 11, 1999 [Jewish, CIA, and Scientology connections to the 'coup']
04/26 IHR Update
05/03 Another Judge Slaps Liberty Lobby
05/10 RICO Case Judge Played Key Role In Helping Mossad Seize Scientology
05/17 Conspirators Spurn Settlement Offers
05/31 Reader Responds to RICO Ruling: Too Complicated?
07/05 Katharine Dall Steps Up for Liberty
07/05 Leeches Plot to Ruin Liberty Lobby: Conspirators Have Interesting Backgrounds
11/22 IHR Perpetrators [letter]
12/20 News You May Have Missed: Armed Liar [see Carto’s hypocrisy in this matter]
Spotlight attacks from 1998
Date Title
01/05 Major Strides Made in '97 by Liberty Lobby on Capitol Hill
02/16 We Slap Conspirators with Megasuit
03/16 Prisoners for Profit: Slavery Is Alive and Kickin' in Today’s Corporate America
03/23 IHR Update: Number 34, February 26, 1998
03/23 Scientology Skids on World Stage
03/23 Zundel Accused of Turning out Widow
04/27 A Thursday We'll Never Forget
05/11 Maino Does It Again
05/25 Editorial: Mossad Shows its Hand: Israeli Terrorist Group Makes Bold Attempt to Take Over The Spotlight
05/25 Wanted: Mark Edward Weber
06/01 LL Bankrupt But Still Fighting
06/08 Liberty Lobby Reports: Americans Team Up to Fight the Good Fight
06/22 News You May Have Missed: Thieves Fall Out
06/29 Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Dark …
07/06 Letters: Return of Know Nothings — Not Wanted?
07/20 Letters: Who’s Who at New IHR — About the IHR
10/05 IHR Update: Number 35, September 24, 1998 [a portion of this article is available on-line]
10/26 IHR Update: Secret Coup Inside Scientology
Spotlight attacks from 1997
Date Title
01/06 IHR Update: Number 24, December 26, 1996
01/13 Liberty Lobby Reports: Where’s the Justice?
01/13 How would YOU react if The Spotlight were forced out of business?
01/27 Coincidence? or Conspiracy? Is there a CIA connection to four major attacks that have threatened Liberty Lobby?
02/03 IHR Update: Number 25, January 23, 1997
02/03 Liberty Lobby Appeals
02/03 News You May Have Missed: Personal … From the Editor
02/10 Letters: Calling the Shots
02/10 Letters: IHR Update
03/03 IHR Update: Number 26, February 20, 1997
03/03 News You May Have Missed: Personal … From the Editor
03/03 Newspaper Targeted by Cabal: Plot Exposed to Close Down The Spotlight
03/10 True Story of Populist Legal Battle
03/17 CIA, ADL Intelligence Intrigue Targeting Spotlight for Extinction
03/17 Liberty Lobby Reports: Take Back Your Government
03/17 News You May Have Missed: Good Suggestion
03/24 News You May Have Missed: Taking Sides a Secret
03/31 IHR Update: Number 27, March 21, 1997
03/31 News You May Have Missed: And Now There Are Seven
04/07 Letters: Judge Aims at Liberty Lobby
04/07 Letters: Scientology Betrayal
04/07 Liberty Lobby Reports: Impeach Clinton
04/21 Cops Return Liberty Lobby’s Property
05/12 IHR Update: Number 28, May 2, 1997
05/12 Brewery Behemoth Helps Agents of Anti-Liberty Lobbying Group
05/12 Internal Power Struggle, Mysterious Death Surround Scientology Church
05/26 IHR Update: Number 29, May 16, 1997
05/26 Liberty Lobby Reports: Your Support is Vital Now
06/09 IHR Update: Number 30, May 29, 1997
07/07 IHR Update: Number 31, June 26, 1997
07/07 An Important Message to All Members of Liberty Lobby’s Board of Policy
07/07 (advertisement for The Lehrplan)
08/18 Liberty Lobby Reports: CDLL Support Vital
08/18 ADL Leads Anti-Myanmar Effort
09/15 Myanmar Breaks Silence in Spotlight
10/13 Did Ex-CIA Boss Improperly Intervene in Texas Court Case?
10/20 IHR Update: Number 32, October 10, 1997
11/10 Editorial: Assassination Attempt
12/01 IHR Update: Number 33, November 21, 1997
Spotlight attacks from 1996
Date Title
01/15 News You May Have Missed: Populists Beware — Patriots Be Warned
01/29 Myanmar Subverted by Foggy Bottom
02/05 IHR Update: Number 14, January 25, 1995 [sic]
02/05 News You May Have Missed: Know the Truth — Irving in Retreat?
02/12 IHR Update: Number 15, February 1, 1996
03/04 Letters: IHR
03/04 The Facts — and the Myths — About Liberty Lobby & the IHR
03/11 Letters: Tall Tales
03/25 IHR Update: Number 16, March 14, 1996
06/03 IHR Update: Number 17, May 23, 1996
06/17 Letters: Wants Facts
07/08 News You May Have Missed: Andrew Allen’s Buddy
07/29 IHR Update: Number 18, July 18, 1996
07/29 The Tragi-Comedy of the IHR
08/05 Did San Diego Cops Cover Up Mossad Killing?
08/12 IHR Update: Number 19, August 1, 1996
09/23 IHR Update: Number 20, September 12, 1996
10/29 Testimony of Dwight B. McMahon
11/25 California Judge Could Hit Liberty Lobby for Millions
11/25 IHR Update: Number 21, November 14, 1996
12/02 Was Church Tax Exemption on Level?
12/02 "IHR Update": Number 22, November 21, 1996
12/02 Judge Socks It to Us
12/09 Court Sentences Scientologists
12/09 "IHR Update": Number 23, November 21, 1996 [sic]
12/23 Letters: Arrest Warrant
Spotlight attacks from 1995
Date Title
01/09 Tough Times Ahead for Conspirators
01/09 Requiem for a Magazine
01/23 Convenient Coup at IHR Stalls Suit Against the ADL
02/13 Classifieds: Books & Pamphlets
02/20 Letters: Odd Couple
03/13 Liberty Lobby Reports: Beware Con Artists
03/20 Suit File in IHR Rumpus
04/03 Liberty Lobby Reports: Failed Coup
04/03 Leader of Rump IHR Takes Off in Unexpected Happening
04/10 Liberty Lobby’s West Coast H.Q. Hit: Multijurisdiction SWAT Raid
04/17 California Raid May Backfire
04/24 News You May Have Missed: Him Again
04/24 Member of IHR Gang of Five Financed Hate Advertisements
05/01 Lawyers Exchange Letters in IHR Controversy as Detailed in The Spotlight
05/01 Letters: Thy Protectors
05/01 Usurpers, SWAT Raiders Face Massive Civil Lawsuit
05/08 Embezzlement Allegations Laid to Rest in RFA Interview
05/08 Letters: Scientology …
05/15 Letters: Thanks You, Friends
05/22 News You May Have Missed: Whoops
05/22 Letters: Rotten Otten
05/22 IHR Update: Number 1, May 11, 1995
05/25 IHR Update: Number 2, May 25, 1995
06/05 Letters
06/12 IHR Update: Number 3, June 1, 1995
06/26 IHR Update: Number 4, June 15, 1995
07/03 IHR Update: Number 5, June 22, 1995
07/10 IHR Update: Number 6, June 29, 1995: Her Honor
08/07 IHR Update: Number 7, July 28, 1995 [see this file for more about this article]
08/14 IHR Update: Number 8, August 4, 1995
09/04 Liberty Lobby Reports: High Tech Drama
09/25 Relive BOP Confab
10/23 Truth is Stranger Than Fiction in Modern Thriller
10/30 Official Case Closed on Spiro Murders
10/30 IHR Update: Number 10, October 19, 1985
11/27 IHR Update: Number 11, November 16, 1995
12/04 IHR Update: Number 12, November 22, 1995
12/11 Liberty Lobby’s First Lady Breaks Silence on Massive West Coast Raid
12/18 Liberty Lobby Reports: Search for Justice
12/18 IHR Update: Number 13, December 7, 1995
12/25 News You May Have Missed: One Worlders United
Spotlight attacks from 1993-4
Date Title
1993/11/08 Another ADL Mole Unearthed
1994/01/17 Liberty Lobby Reports: Speaking of messes …
1994/01/31 Letters: Bizarre and Bogus
1994/02/07 News You May Have Missed: Mel’s Victory
1994/02/21 News You May Have Missed: Beware
1994/03/14 Liberty Lobby Reports
1994/03/14 Letters: IHR Lowdown
1994/03/21 Mermelstein Suit Story Told with Wit, Feeling
1994/03/21 Letters: To Print or Not to Print
1994/03/28 Liberty Lobby Reports: Of Books and Betrayals
1994/03/28 Letters: More IHR Inquiries
1994/04/04 The Historic Book the ADL Burned
1994/04/11 Details of What Happened at IHR, Who’s Responsible: Story of Bizarre Happenings Surrounding Quarrel at IHR [see also]
1994/04/18 Gen. Leon Degrelle Dies at 88 in Spain [see this file for more about Degrelle, Carto, and the IHR]
1994/04/18 Classified Ads: Books & Pamphlets, Miscellaneous
1994/04/25 News You Might Have Missed: Personal … From the Editor
1994/04/25 Revisionism under Attack: IHR under Attack from Within [see also]
1994/04/25 Legal Notice
1994/05/02 Legal Notice
1994/05/02 Hidden Bug Found at IHR Headquarters
1994/05/09 Legal Notice
1994/05/30 Frosh Solon Linked to ADL Scandal
1994/06/06 Truth, History and Propaganda
1994/06/27 Strange IHR Case Ruling
1994/07/04 Setting Record Straight
1994/07/04 Here’s the Truth on Degrelle Books
1994/07/11 Letters: Nice Try, Mark
1994/07/11 News You May Have Missed. Score One for the IHR
1994/07/18 Degrelle’s Widow Views Suit
1994/08/01 Letters: Maybe That’s the Answer
1994/08/01 Classifieds:Miscellaneous
1994/08/01 Holocaust Authority Confronted
1994/08/08 Letters: Support Lines Up
1994/08/08 IHR Pot Continues to Boil
1994/08/15 Lice Killed Degrelle
1994/08/15 Outside Forces Seen in IHR Battle
1994/10/31 Church Pays Price for Hate Campaign
1994/11/14 Letters: Who’s Lying? [see this file for more information]
1994/12/12 Strange Court Ruling in IHR Case: Judge Rules for Crook and Fraud